In fallout 4, Bobbi No-Nose sends out the single Survivor on the many bizarre side search of the game: the big Dig. Right here are the details players need to know.

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In the wastelands the Fallout 4"s Commonwealth, there"s a myriad the cool side quests the single Survivor deserve to get involved in because that a little of extra coin and some rare items. However, numerous of the pursuits are therefore well-made the they"re much an ext than simply gateways to more caps and items; they"re fantastic mini story as well.

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among the biggest stories needs to be the bizarre quest of The large Dig, which sends the player on a excavation mission right into the undergrounds of Boston thanks to a ghoul lady known as Bobbi No-Nose. The plan? Break into Diamond City"s vault. Unfortunately, things exactly walk off there is no a hitch. Here"s every little thing the player may have not paid attention to while completing this pursuit filled through ghouls, mirelurks and cramped secret tunnels.

Introduced very first in Fallout 3, this vault became famous among fans for being rigged to fail and cause conflict. Its objective was initially to study human habits in a situation where power struggle and also conflict was imminent. The vault was also the resting place of the plenty of hostile Gary clones.

during the big Dig, the player will stumble throughout a couple of abandoned subway train carts. Inside among them, they"re likely to notification a collection of wooden blocks i beg your pardon spell the end the surname "Gary". It"s likely this is a recommendation to Vault 108.

Those acquainted with history, and also the past of Boston in particular, will immediately recognize the referral in the quest"s name. The huge Dig to be actually when the genuine nickname provided to a public functions project, i beg your pardon was supposed to destruction out underground highways under Boston.

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However, the project ended up being infamous rapid enough. Its costs kept ramping up, and also on height of that, it took the life the a citizen as soon as one the the key tunnels was lastly opened approximately the basic public.

within the game there room a bunch that quests that must be completed before a companion becomes available for the single Survivor. Usually, this quest somehow entails the companion in inquiry and sees them help the sole Survivor.

But for Hancock, this isn"t the case. The big Dig is actually Hancock"s companion quest, since he becomes obtainable as a companion ~ its completion. However, football player won"t recognize this until the really end that the quest, because none that it has actually seemingly noþeles to execute with him.

The whole Fallout franchise is recognized for putting a lot of focus on cool, tiny details that deserve to be discovered all throughout their games. These small snippets that the past tell the player a lot about the world before the bomb went off, and also one such referral is discovered during the big Dig.

In among the main subway areas, the player will certainly come throughout a Port-a-Dinner machine, inside of i beg your pardon is a perfectly maintained plate of food. However, Mel will certainly comment that he wouldn"t to trust anything that looks that intact after 200 years.

football player wanting to complete this pursuit will need to be careful around which rather they at this time have active, as the huge Dig could not be easily accessible to them. If the player has actually the Pickman Gallery quest active, he"s working for Hancock and also thus won"t able to take part in the huge Dig.

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Otherwise, the huge Dig can be started by knocking in ~ Bobbi"s door in the ago alley the Goodneighbor. Occasionally the player will also be approached by who in Goodneighbor who will tell them of the job and also the chance to make part extra caps.

during the destruction itself, Mel"s robot Sonya have the right to be guided to blow up any kind of fragile walls. It"s vital to note that the route for Sonya isn"t linear and also that the player can take other routes or routes to discover alternate rooms in ~ the underground.

among such rooms in reality carries a leveled strength armor suit, which is precious picking up. It will certainly be guarded by a mirelurk king, so go in all set for some serious damage.

after the truth about Bobbi"s intentions is out, it"s possible to shot and guide her to back off and just let things go. This requires a details level that charisma, and also depending ~ above if any type of companions space around, will incite details reactions.

wild companions favor Cait, solid and MacCready will certainly dislike it if the player speak Bobbi to give up, while an ext diplomatic companions such as Nick Valentine, Curie, Codsworth, Deacon and also Piper will like the player because that it.

The cool thing around this quest, but likewise what renders it somewhat redundant, is the no matter what the player choose at the end, they"ll still acquire the most essential results and also rewards indigenous the quest.

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also if the player sticks by Bobbi"s side and also kills Fahrenheit, they"ll still be able to get the Ashmaker off she body. Moreover, Hancock will still become accessible as a companion.

once the quest is over, Mel and also Sonya have the right to actually it is in encountered in the wild in ~ the Commonwealth. They"ll act together a arbitrarily encounter once the player is traveling around.

The only distinction will be v Sonya, which will certainly have had a significant upgrade. The excavation bot will currently be named Sonya Mk. II together it travels alongside Mel.

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together for Bobbi, her fate after ~ the quest is a bit strange and underwhelming. If she"s lively after the search ends, she"ll simply return come her original location and won"t connect with the player afterwards.

However, if she"s dead, a pest sometimes provides it so that her corpse doesn"t actually stay at the Freight Depot. Instead, it deserve to be uncovered at the Hawthorne Estate.

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