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Hey Tech here with something different from a regular review. This is I guess you can say my version of “Reel VS Reel” (from Animated Heroin) Compare two shows that are alike but different and which is sorta or more better than the other one.

I was going to do a Toon VS Toon review with Kill La Kill and Wizard Barristers but when I thought about it again I’m like “These shows have only one thing in common” and it just wouldn’t be a good comparison thing, so I thought about another thing that I could do and yeah…there probably is already a bunch like this one, but I’m gonna try to be a little different and just go into the deeper concepts of both series.

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So let’s get going with an introduction. Monster high as many of people are aware, is a fashion doll franchise created by Mattel in 2010. “The characters are inspired bymonster movies,sci-fi horror,thriller fiction, and various creatures thus distinguishing them from most otherfashion dollson the market.(Least at that time before MGA made Bratzillaz) Monster High was created by Garrett Sander, with illustrations by Kellee Riley and illustratorGlen Hanson.


The series not too long after the doll line was released, released various webisodes of the characters in order, my guess, to give the characters a distinct personality, which in my opinion is good because it makes people like the characters and when people like the characters, they naturally want to buy products that include their favorite characters. It’s a marketing strategy that’s seen a lot in things like Barbie and Bratz, however as I get into this, you’ll see what makes Monster High a little different and diverse than said other doll lines.


Sometime later in 2013, Mattel launched a spin off of Monster High called "Ever After High” which gain not only a webisode series of it’s own, but of a deep through story of the two main characters in a form of a novel. It was like Monster High but with Fairytale characters with the concept of the characters following the same destinies as their parents, with the exception of the main character Raven Queen who wishes to not choose her mother’s destiny, due to obvious reasons. Again a really good strategy that makes these characters that are suppose to be mere dolls, something that gives em more reason to like them and not just be mere fashion dolls to dress up.

What’s so special and diverse of a webisode series based on a doll line? Well you be surprise how well diverse, in depth, and unique both series can be but which one is top in my list? We’re here to find out.

Monster High Characters

I’m not going list all the characters of Monster High cause there are obviously a lot and reviewing each of them would be really long and take too much time. So instead I’m gonna explain what makes these characters well liked and so hyped that even adults can get into this series.


So what makes Monster High characters so special? Well besides being monsters, each character has their own unique trait and personality that sets em a part from stereotypes, seen in a lot of shows and movies about high school. Yes there are stereotypes such as the nerd, the popular girl, ect, however, they add a little more depth to where you can tell there is more beyond their stereotypes they represent.


Example Cleo is the popular girl, stuck up, snooty girl, like we’ve seen a ton of shows about high school, but what makes her a likable character is the fact she goes through depth and in early webisodes, we see that she actually has a mean sister that treats her sort of the same way and her father is also a bit strict being king himself, and there for we see her reasons and there for can sympathize with her. She’s more than just a stuck up teen and later on she becomes even more likable and understanding of other characters around her and the importance of her true friends. She’s not just some priss that uses people, she does show sympathy and does show she cares about her friends.

Many of the other characters go through the same depth as well and the movies even help fill in more depth to them. So if you ever get into this series, you might need to watch the movies as well, the movies are a bit connected with the webisodes, at least the later ones.

Another thing that makes Monster High characters so likable is the fact that there are so many characters with their own unique personality traits, traits that surprisingly do seem familiar in a regular high school life and I don’t mean the obvious monster traits, but the traits that make these characters close to being human surprisingly.


Example is Jane Boolittle,(pictured above) she’s a bit of a wall flower, very nervous and shy to the point where she nearly leaves Monster High because she’s too scared and shy to talk to people. I mean how many kids know how that feels? You move to a new place or a new school and you don’t know anything about anyone or the place you move to. It’s overwhelming and Jane is a perfect example of a character to show how people feel about things like that. These types of character traits are often in a lot of Monster High characters and because there’s so different characters, it’s easy for people to find a character they can relate and connect with in some sort of way.

This also helps in the moral way. When a character finds proactive way to solve their problems, people can look at this and think of a similar way to solve their similar problems. Despite these monster traits they have, Monster High characters when you look at them in this way, surprisingly are well relatable and can make a person look at them as more than just mere characters based on dolls.


And the other part with Monster High characters is it’s monster traits. Monster High takes the traits of each monster and the concept of being a monster in a high school to it’s full advantage. This adds more uniqueness to each character both in personality and design and gives them a way to stand out, along with pretty humorous situations that involve a monster’s special trait or power each of them have.

Example, I dunno how many times I laughed so hard at Heath Burns. Every time he gets some screen time, my face literally grins from ear to ear, when he does something like burn something or explain something he’s burnt in the past or whatever situation he is in. I can’t help but giggle to burst out laughing. He is a hilarious character and yeah bit of a jerk sometimes, he does show he does have a heart and just wants to be liked. He is well likable. I kind of wish there was more depth and story behind him but maybe later on he will.


All and all Monster High characters are certainly characters you don’t run into everyday and do add a unique spice to life.

Ever After High Characters


The characters in Ever After High are also likable and well depth, least so far. This series just started last year so as far as depth goes for characters it’s…at the starting level at least. As with Monster High, Ever After High takes advantages of fairy tale characters to it’s full advantage and results in pretty interesting situations. Though I have to admit, Monster High takes the cake for showing the best humor with it’s concept.

It’s not that EAH can’t be funny, it can be, it’s just EAH does try to take a little more serious look rather than a humorous one. The characters also go through similar situations as MH such as wanting to improve themselves for someone else, wanting to be accepted for who they are and so on. A great example of this is Raven Queen who is the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White.


A lot of fans seem to hate this character for being “selfish” and “rebellious”. These are the fans that kind of don’t get the concept of this character nor the plot in the story. Raven knows that by choosing the same destiny as her mother, she will later be the most hated person and live a life of misery and total distraught for the rest of her life, which when you look exactly how she is in personality, is undeserving and down right horrible. You can totally tell where she’s coming from and ultimately sympathized with her.

Raven doesn’t want to be a villain. She’s nice,understandable, trust worthy and when you see how she helps her friends out, is far from selfish. Raven knows that becoming the most hated villain is undeserving and unfair being she doesn’t want to be evil nor is she evil.That’s why in the end she takes a risk and chooses not to sign the legacy book. It’s shows that she would rather take the risk of dying pretty much than to be something she knows she isn’t. She wants to be herself and only wishes others would accept it.

This is sort of the “Teen wanting to be something more or struggling to be herself” done right. She’s not completely rebellious and angsty about it and the problem she is facing is a real serious and understandable problem.

I mean when you actually look what happens to the Evil Queen in most versions of Snow White, you kind of can see where she’s coming from. Shoot in the actual original story of Snow White, the Evil Queen is forced to dance in hot iron shoes as punishment until she dies…I mean really? People are calling not choosing to be hated and treated like trash, selfish? WTF?

But yeah, Raven has to be one of my most favorite of the Ever After High characters. Along with Cerise Hood, Maddie Hatter and Kitty Chesire. They’re really likable characters and sometimes they do go through some stuff.


My main issue with the characters is some are sort of stuck within their stereotypes. They’re not as deep as MH characters and some, if not most, are a little hard to relate to. Not saying all characters in every show has to be like that, but what makes MH to gain such a cult following is the fact that so many people can connect with a character and relate to them some way.

With EAH, you don’t get that much. They’re not bad characters at all, but at the same time there isn’t too much to them either that makes them well rounded and relatable. Again I won’t criticize it too much as it’s just beginning and being the story book is more deeper and I haven’t read it yet, I’m gonna cut it some slack when it comes to character depth. MH has at least been around for a couple years and the character depth came within those years, not just weeks or so.

The story (or stories) of Monster High and Ever After High respectfully.

There isn’t much a of a story in Monster High. As said Monster High and Ever After High (for the most part) follow mini stories. Often times they involve with a character or characters facing a problem and solving it in some (often creative) way.

There are some instances though where the story is a bit more serious. Examples are the webisodes that tell the story arch in EAH and the Vampires VS Werewolves webisodes in MH, which I think people can relate to in some ways.


You’re probably asking yourself how? Well some people can find the Vampires VS Werewolves webisodes similar to racial issues between black people and white people (well a I rather light, kid friendly and some what unrealistic version of it, least that’s sorta how I see it) or say something like homosexuals and straights, (put in whatever social/life style, race whatever here) ect. They go into the topic of how hate is spread by people who think or misunderstand about a certain group causing undeserved hate to the people of said group, race or life style. Showing the importance of putting differences aside, the side affects of rumors and misunderstandings, and ultimately stating it matters who a person is, not where they come from or background. Which when you think about it is pretty deep for a kids/teens webisode series.

Some stories in Monster High shows kids/teens what they can do or give an idea of what they can do in situations such as learning to talk to new people, even simple ones like how to make studying more enjoyable or something small like that. It maybe a little mundane and some people have argued that it’s unrealistic, but then again, we’re talking about a show about a school for monsters pretty much. Of course it’s not going to be realistic and as I have said to people, kids especially those old enough to watch this are pretty smart. They pretty much know the difference between what goes on in a cartoon and what goes in real life (least they should know) and can take in the moral as it is without it being completely done realistically.

Ever After High, the story that it’s trying to follow along is pretty interesting. The children of the fairytale characters have a choice between being Royal (a character that chooses to follow a the destiny of their parents, though it turns out villains can instantly be Rebels regardless if they choose their destiny or not) and Rebels (characters that choose their own destinies) and there’s often a constant rivalry against both. Most of the episodes consists of characters facing a RoyalVSRebel problem or a problem that is school related in general or occasionally magic or social related. The episodes don’t necessarily have too much moral and on some occasions, there will be one or two episodes that clearly was a copy of a Monster High episode.

In addition to the the Royal VS Rebel thing, there is a main story which is from the actual book series, in which Raven struggles being who she is and there is something fishy going on about the Principal and what happen to the last two fairytale characters that disappeared after they decline in following their parent’s fairytale. The series is still going on and hope to find out more about what goes on about it soon.


The Animation

The animation in both series are pretty much the same. The characters tend to move like they’re pictures in a book in both of them and you can tell, there’s a limit on movements at times. However, that doesn’t mean the animation is bad. On a contrary, the animation in both series is pretty decent for an online animated series.

Though I have to say I like the designs and animation a little better in Ever After High. I like the textures and details each of the Ever After High Characters have. They look exactly how they should look and you can tell instantly by glancing at each character on who they’re suppose to be based on.I also like the shading and lighting done in the series. It definitely makes you feel like you’re in a magical world with these characters and backgrounds because of the shading and lighting they do.

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So which do I like better?


As much as I do like both series, I’m going to have say that Monster High takes the cake as being my favorite. Mainly because there is much more of it right now to like. The over all characters, the story in both the episodes and movies, and the over all feel. It’s a done to death concept but done right in my opinion. I still like Ever After High and I hope that it continues to grow as well. For now Monster High wins my heart as being the better series of the two.

Now again this is just my opinion and you don’t have to agree. It’s perfectly fine if you disagree with what I have said in this review. I hope to see you all soon in my next reviews!