Eric Hoskins was a Libertarian candidate for the Georgia Public business Commission in 2016. He was beat in the general election by incumbent Tim Nichols (R).

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Hoskins ran together a Libertarian candidate in the 2016 choice for a seat on the Georgia Public organization Commission. <1> Hoskins contended with incumbent Tim Echols (R) in the basic election.

Tim Echols defeated Eric Hoskins in the Georgia public business commission election.Georgia Public company Commission, 2016
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Demographic data for Georgia GeorgiaU.S.Race and ethnicity**EducationIncome
Total population:10,199,398316,515,021
Land area (sq mi):57,5133,531,905
Black/African American:30.9%12.6%
Native American:0.3%0.8%
Pacific Islander:0%0.2%
Two or more:2.1%3%
High institution graduation rate:85.4%86.7%
College graduation rate:28.8%29.8%
Median family income:$49,620$53,889
Persons below poverty level:21.1%11.3%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, "American community Survey" (5-year approximates 2010-2015)Click below for much more information on the 2020 census and here for an ext on its influence on the redistricting procedure in Georgia.**Note: Percentages because that race and ethnicity may add up to much more than 100 percent since respondents may report an ext than one race and the Hispanic/Latino ethnicity might be selected in conjunction with any race. Read an ext about race and also ethnicity in the census here.

Presidential poll pattern

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Georgia poll Republican in all five presidential elections between 2000 and also 2016.

Pivot Counties (2016) figured out 206 counties that voted because that Donald trumped (R) in 2016 after ~ voting because that Barack Obama (D) in 2008 and also 2012. Collectively, Trump winner these Pivot Counties by more than 580,000 votes. Of these 206 counties, five are located in Georgia, audit for 2.43 percent of the total pivot counties.<2>

Pivot Counties (2020)

In 2020, re-examined the 206 Pivot Counties to view their poll patterns following that year"s presidential election. defined those won by Trump won as maintained Pivot Counties and those winner by Joe Biden (D) as Boomerang Pivot Counties. Nationwide, there to be 181 maintained Pivot Counties and also 25 Boomerang Pivot Counties. Georgia had five Retained Pivot Counties, 2.76 percent the all retained Pivot Counties.

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