Erica “Supreme” Barrier, daughter the hip-hop legend, Eric B, has actually passed far at the period of 28.

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According to reports, obstacle was affiliated in a motor vehicle accident v an 18-wheeler last week in Hartford, CT and also had been noted in an essential condition. The 28-year-old took her last breath top top Monday evening (March 16) after enduring life-threatening injuries, including a severe neck and spine fracture.

Eric B’s publicist, Alvina Alston, authorize the following statement to Sister 2 Sister’s Jamie Foster Brown on behalf of the hip-hop legend: “It is with extensive sadness and disbelief that us announce the untimely passing of our beloved Erica Supreme barrier at 6:18 pm EST Monday evening. She combated a valiant fight, however, we TRUST GOD & HIS can be fried decision to lug her home.”

It continues: “We want to sincerely thank everyone from approximately the human being for the outpouring of support and also love during this an overwhelming time. Please continue to save our household in prayer as we currently prepare come lay Erica to rest. This was an unfortunate vehicular accident that claimed her life, however, and also it’s also crucial that we pray for the various other driver involved. Our hearts additionally go the end to him and his family as we hold no ill will certainly in ours hearts because that those involved.

“Again, we expropriate GOD’s will and also want to sincerely thank the good samaritans, first responders and also impeccable clinical staff that cared for our daughter in ~ Hartford Hospital in Hartford CT.”

With a heart emoji together the caption, Eric B mutual a heartwarming video clip of his daughter joining the on stage after performing at the Eric B and Rakim concert at new York City’s Irving Plaza ~ above April 9, 2018.

“My daughter, Erica,” that says before the crowd applauses. “She think she’s my twin and also my boss.”

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Erica barrier (R) bring away a photo with Nas in ~ the Eric B and Rakim In Concert show at Irving Plaza ~ above April 9, 2018 in new York City.Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Eric B’s musical partner, Rakim, mutual condolences come his brother and paid tribute to Erica through a facebook post.

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“Deepest of condolences to my brothers Eric B. And every one of the prolonged family. This evening, his daughter Erica passed on after sustaining injuries in an car accident. Erica to be the brightest that stars and while we miss her physical type greatly, we will certainly celebrate her life and also her energy eternally. Please put a blessing in the air.”

Our hearts and prayers go the end to Eric B, his daughter, and also their family and also friends at this time.