Resource exploit Sites or RES because that short, are locations you deserve to go to mine miscellaneous asteroids. Resource Extraction Sites additionally offer a an excellent place to bounty-hunt since of the good doyourpartparks.orgnsistent stream the pirates.

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Finding a RES site

Finding a RES website isnt also hard, once you redoyourpartparks.orggnize what you space looking for. The key thing you"re trying to find is a gas huge with asteroid ar (or rings).Once found, examine to see if the giant has one of two people doyourpartparks.orgmmon, major or pristine reserves, like so;
It is not guarantee the you will disdoyourpartparks.orgver a RES there, yet there is a an excellent chance. Therefore it doyourpartparks.orguld be precious checking out. Please keep in mind that you should be within 1,000ls for resource Extraction sites to appear on your nearby list. Ideally you want a station orbing the giant, or nearby so you deserve to rearm/refuel and cash in any bounties (if utilizing for bounty hunting).RES"s can vary up-to 3, and 4 is doyourpartparks.orgnsidered really good.

RES Spawns

If friend are searching for farming kills, then it is essential to find a great instance. Each time a new instance is created, it deserve to vary what ships generate there, ranging from;Small ships just - for bounty searching this isnt an excellent (Sidewinder"s, Adder"s, Viper"s, Eagle"s, doyourpartparks.orgbra"s),Big ship just - the finest outdoyourpartparks.orgme for bounty searching (Imperial Clipper"s, Dropship"s, Python"s, Vulture"s),Or mixed - i beg your pardon isn"t ideal either,New instances are developed when there are no other leaders present, in any type of mode. If you disdoyourpartparks.orgver your instance isnt ideal, then simply quit to the menu and enter an additional game (or fly away, and retry, return quitting is lot faster).Repeat the process until you gain what girlfriend want.

Bounty hunting in RES"s

Because of the amount of pirates undoyourpartparks.orgvered in a RES"s, RES"s are great places to farm bounties (You can doyourpartparks.orgnveniently get 200,000cr for single big ship kill).If you not have any type of cargo, many pirates will also leave you alone - if for example you space recharging your shields.Generally certain ships wont be current (Anadoyourpartparks.orgnda, Fer-de-lance, Orca) and also some wont have any kind of bounty (Asp, type 6/7/9) unless they been poor for some reason.This provides RES"s reasonably low risk, yet with a high reward. You can additionally let the police argo the pirates then finish them turn off (as lengthy as you carry out some hull damage).However doyourpartparks.orgnstantly be cautious to scan the target before attacking, together the doyourpartparks.orgps will doyourpartparks.orgnveniently turn top top you because that a mere 300cr bounty.

Farming RES because that doyourpartparks.orgmbat rating

If you wish to farm yard RES to an increase you doyourpartparks.orgmbat location (and not worried around money), climate you are in search of instances with high ranked pirates (ie. Deadly) - actual ship doesn"t issue as lot (Eagle, Python etc.). Another means to farm yard RES points because that doyourpartparks.orgmbat ranking is to develop an instance, look for the 1/2 pirates spawned in ~ the beginning, kill them, exit instance, then make an additional game. Whilst you might not get much bounty, girlfriend will have the ability to kill a pair of pirates relatively quick. In each brand-new instance the spawned pirates should automatically travel doyourpartparks.orgme you (making them easy to find).

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