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Born on the first of February in 1979 in Hitonhueca,Sonora. His mom was Camila Valencia, he had actually two brothers and also a sister. Helived there for five years before moving v his father Everado “Lalo” ElGallo Elizalde and his brothers come Guadalajara, Jalisco. Then relocated again toGuasave, Sinaloa. His childhood appears to have been unremarkable. No one of thetowns he lived in were an especially poverty stricken, for this reason his upbringing wasunlike a the majority of his predecessors in the corrido business, who came native povertyin the tiny mountain rancheros that the Sinaloa mountains.
His father was a musician who died in a roadway trafficaccident ~ above the “curve that death” in Sonora. His dad left the an inheritance,so while structure his an abilities as a musician the studied because that a Law degree at the Universityof Sonora, but left college to seek his musical career.
Valentin created his own team in the banda style, through alarge brass section dubbed Banda Guasavena. Before forming his own team hesang with various other bands among them Banda Triguera native Ciudad Obregon, Sonora,Banda Cosala, and Banda Hermanos Morales.
His sights to be firmly set on a recording and also in 1998 hemanaged to document his very first album licensed has been granted Mas alla del mar or past the sea.This was videotaped by Discos y Cintas Acuario, owned by Pedro Rivera, that hadgiven Chalino Sanchez his first major record deal.
He videotaped albums with Pedro until 2001. In 2002 he wasdiscovered and also groomed by universal Music team with whom he signed exclusivecontracts. This to be the right relocate for Valentin and he to be nominated for manymusic awards with them.
El Gallo de Oro was killed in Reynosa in 2006 after providing aconcert at the Reynosa Palenque. He wasgunned down v his chauffeur and also manager in his automobile while leaving theconcert. There space three completing theories regarding why he was killed and we willlook at every in turn.
Some weeks before the concert there to be a video posted onyou-tube by the user Matazetas or Zetakiller. The was set to El Gallo de Oro’ssong “A mis enemigos” or “To my enemies”. It included pictures over which thesong played. The images were of Cartel del Golfo members and Los Zetas whohad to be killed. The tune itself is allegedly a danger from El Chapo Guzman tothe Cartel del Golfo, although I carry out not review that myself in the lyrics.
Los Zetas to be the armed wing and personal bodyguard ofOsiel Cardenas Guillen, the then ceo of the Cartel del Golfo. Every weremilitary deserters indigenous the mexico army and also Air force special to work unitGAFE, Grupo Aeromobile Fuerzas Especiales, more than likely the ideal soldiers in theMexican armed forces.
The video clip posting ~ above you-tube began off a war of native inthe comments ar which turned particularly nasty through cheerleaders that boththe Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas trading insults and also death threats. You-tubetook under the video but copies of that sprung up straight away. The video wasseen purely together a taunt against Los Zetas, who would later on go to war with theSinaloa Cartel, who moved into Los Zetas are to shot and take it the NuevoLaredo plaza.
In my humble opinion, the video was absolutely not the workof El Gallo de Oro, yet as his song had actually been supplied a background, he to be taggedwith it. In Mexico, to humiliation CdG/Los Zetas then go into their turf is no aparticularly wise point to do.
There was absolutely threats made versus El Gallo de Orobefore he come in Reynosa because that his concert. Whether he knew of these or not,or just determined to disregard them, is a matter of speculation. ~ above leaving with hismanager and chauffeur native the concert venue, his auto was followed and thenchased, El Gallo de Oro’s car was then fired on and also all 3 occupantswere eliminated as a result. Forensic professionals recovered 70 spent shell casingsfrom the scene.

Just a few hours after the killing, insults come Elizalde wereput increase on social media, laughing in ~ the truth he had actually been killed and also saying “ hecried choose a bitch”. Over there were 2 main civilization suspected from Los Zetas asbeing responsible for his killing. El Hummer, Jaime Gonzalez Duran, a deserterof GAFE. That was one of the founding members the Los Zetas. The 2nd person suspectedof the killing was Flanders 1, Raul Hernandez Barron, one ex-member of the MexicanArmy, who joined the Cartel del Golfo after leaving the army in 1999, and wasthen consisted of into Los Zetas.
El Hummer
Flanders 1 Raul Hernandez Barron

GAFE room not the form of forces who are spray and also pray, theyuse surgical precision in your shooting. Preferring single aimed shots ratherthan volume the un-aimed fire by a weapon like an AK47. Offered the shoot patternson the vehicle, which are not what i would expect from an skilled special-forces operator, ns would dominance out El Hummer together the shooter as well.
The Cartel de Golfo had actually many, many, sicarios in ~ the time.Los Zetas were provided only for details work, over there was just originally 31 ofthem, and they could not cover a entirety city the size of Reynosa. I suspect thatgiven the ballistics, the shooters were CdG sicarios and not Los Zetas thatcarried the end this assassination.
If Los Zetas want to death Valentin, I doubt it wouldhave been an operation that to be planned meticulously. His automobile would havebeen boxed in and also stopped, and he would have actually been kidnapped then killed, orshot inside his vehicle. Or an ext likely that would have been kidnapped from hischanging room at the venue.
This hit to be messy, with bullets being sprayed every alongthe vehicle. The killing was much more of the form carried the end by coked upsicarios with small or no training, with their weapon of choice the AK47because they are cheap, and the average sicario to know no better.
Take for example the vehicle of Jaime Zapata, ice cream agentkilled by Los Zetas in Mexico, exterior of san Luis Potosi. The auto showsvery couple of bullet strikes, those that are obvious are clustered whereby the firewas limited to trying to drill through any type of armour plating ~ above the vehicle. Incomparison, El Gallo de Oro"s vehicle looks like a piece of Swiss cheese.
El Gallo de Oro"s vehicle

The 2nd theory concerns a note received through Valentinduring the concert itself. In a video clip of the concert, a male can plainly be seenwalking up to the stage throughout a song, and handing Valentin a on slide of paper,which that reads as he is singing.
In the above picture, the man who brought the note and also thenote can be viewed in the right hand of Valentin. Allegedly this note had arequest because that Valentin to attend and also sing because that a narco after ~ the concert hadfinished. Once he had finished singing and retired come his dressing room,“persons” to visit his dressing room and also again asked for him to to visit thenarco to song for his exclusive party. Valentin stated that he was tired and had togo to a pre-arranged meeting in another town, so would certainly not have the ability to attendthe party.
The “persons” left, for a quick while, and then changed toagain inquiry his attendance. He stated he would not be able to attend and left thevenue in his auto with his manager and also driver and also cousin. He was thenattacked through the narco’s men and also killed.
I discover this a much an ext likely factor than the previous forthe killing of Valentin. Given the evidence. I have actually no doubt Los Zetas knewthat Valentin had nothing to perform with the video that had showed up on youtube.The sloppiness that the attack, even if it was successful, i think rules the end LosZetas.
The third theory is the Valentin had end up being romanticallyinvolved with a wife of a narco and also this to be a crime that passion. This alsocould it is in a valid reason, as the constant stream of ladies who step up to dancewith Valentin at every his concert leaves us in no doubt regarding his popularitywith the ladies.

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CBSnews in one article around the fatality of Fabian Ortega Pinon, quoted Edgar ValdezVillareal, La Barbie, well known hit male for the Beltran Leyva Cartel together saying “cartels death grupero musicians since they go about with various groups orcartels, and also because they didn’t go and also sing because that a certain narco, or because that othersilly reasons”. Cartels regularly sponsor corrido singers when they begin their careers, and also expect services in return. These relationships can turn sour as soon as requests room not fulfilled.

That black truck that is pce is no his auto it has nothing to carry out with valentin he to be shot and killed in a newer design chevy suburban beige type color as u have the right to tell from the seat he lays dead in