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Easy French Step-by-Step proves the a solid grounding in grammar basics is the key to mastering a second language. You are quickly introduced to grammar rules and concepts in bespeak of importance, which you can build on together you progression through the book. Friend will likewise learn more than 300 verbs, chosen by their frequency that use. Many exercises and also engaging readings aid you quickly develop your speaking and comprehension prowess.

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Myrna Bell Rochester is a textbook author and also editor. She has actually taught at UCLA and at Stanford University.

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Table that Contents

Preface xi I. An initial Elements the French 1. Nouns, Articles, and Descriptive Adjectives sex and variety of Nouns and also Articles The Definite short article Masculine noun Feminine noun Masculine and Feminine articles Before a vowel Sound or Mute h Singular Nouns and the Definite write-up learning the sex of nouns The Indefinite short article Masculine nouns Feminine noun Plural noun express the plural Descriptive adjective commitment of adjective in Gender and also Number adjective of color Adjectives that Precede the Noun crucial Vocabulary Les adjectifs descriptifs (Descriptive Adjectives) Les cou/eurs (Colors) an essential Vocabulary Les nationalities (Nationanlities) 2. The verbs etre and also avoir, topic Pronouns, and also Negation The verbs The verb etre (to be) and avoir (to have) Être and Subject pronouns subject Pronouns provides of Être Expressions through Être key Vocabulary Conjonctions. Quafificatifs. Et adverbes (Conjunctions, Qualifiers, and Adverbs) Negation with ne ... Pas The Verb avoir (to have) Ne ..• pas de ... With avoir If y a ... (There is ... , There space ... ) Expressions through avoir an essential Vocabulary La maison (The House) analysis Comprehension: La maison de Jean-Pierre 3.Days and also Months, consistent -er Vel"bs in the Pl"eSent Tense, and also Interrogatives days of the Week, Months, and Seasons Les jours de la semaine(Days of the Week) Les mois de I"annee(Months the the Year) Les saisons (Seasons) Les next du jour(Parts the the Day) regular Verbs in the current Tense Conjugating continual -er verbs supplies of the existing Tense Interrogatives and also Interrogative indigenous Yes/No Questions details Questions key Vocabulary Noms mascu/ins (Masculine Nouns) Noms feminins (Feminine Noun~) Adjectifs(Adjectives) Conjonctions(Conjunctions) reading Comprehension: Une petite ville en district 4 Numbers, Dates, and also Time and also Regular -ir verbs in the existing Tense Cardinal number Numbers native 0 to 99 number from 100 Ordinal numbers The Date and the Year telling Time constant -if verb in the existing Tense key Vocabulary Les magas;ns et les commerces (Stores and Businesses) crucial Vocabulary Les repas et Jes provisions(Meals and also Groceries) analysis Comprehension: Au restaurant