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Dreams Of Stabbing And/Or Being Stabbed was the first My Chemical Romance recording. The EP was recorded in Matt Pelissier’s attic and is often reffered to as “The Attic Demos”. The demos were used to present to Eyeball Records in search of a record deal.
The track listing has not being officially confirmed but it is believed that the following four tracks were featured:

Turnstiles (Skylines And Turnstiles)Bring More Knives (Our Lady Of Sorrows)CubiclesStabbing (Vampires Will Never Hurt You)

The Attic Demos were recorded in late 2001, at this time the band were an unnamed three piece consisting of Gerard Way, Matt Pelissier and Ray Toro. The three tracks were recorded on Ray’s computer in Matt Pelisser’s attic.

My attic had no walls, it was a wooden run-down piece of crap. I had a really cheap 16-track board, and we had a bunch of crappy mics. I basically had the drums and guitars playing upstairs and ran the mics downstairs and had Gerard sing in the bathroom.Matt Pelissier – Alternative Press

The three track demo was recorded for Alex Saavedra, owner of Eyeball Records. The recordings were poor quality, but resulted in the band being signed to Eyeball Records.

You could hear that it was something really new, and it was kind of a weird idea, but for some reason, as poorly as it was coming together, it really worked.Gerard Way

It sounded really crappyRay Toro

When Gerard showed the demos to younger brother Mikey Way, he took up the bass guitar in order to join the band.

He (Gerard) came to me with a demo that became My Chemical Romance and I heard it and I was like, ‘Wow, he’s fucking got it, you know, like, his voice has just made leaps and bounds.Mikey Way – Life On The Murder Scene – 2006

Frank Iero heard the attic demos when his former band, Pencey Prep were signed to Eyeball records. His band would listen to the demos on their way to and from shows to get they psyched up before performing.

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Have you ever heard The Attic Demos?, because that’s all I had heard when I first joined the band, it’s not together, nothings in tune, but there’s just something about it where you can already imagine what it would sound like put together and it was really good, and my band (Pencey Prep) would listen to that to demo to and from shows, it would get us psyched up to go play.Frank Iero – Life On The Murder Scene – 2006