At Dr. Reeferalz, us treat all patients through kindness, compassion, and also respect.

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We work hard to preserve each patient’s dignity together they proceed through the process of regaining your health and conquering the ache they might live through daily. Placed simply, our mission is to authorize patients through the capacity to treat and heal your bodies with natural medicine.

We promise to provide straightforward and straight forward certification procedure for our patient so that their experience is stress-less. 

With Adult use (Prop 207) pass in Arizona, you may be wonder if it’s advantageous to maintain or obtain a medical Marijuana certification card. In a nutshell, yes. Even with Adult usage legal, having actually a medical Marijuana card will provide the usage, monetary, and legal benefits the non-card holders will certainly have.


Recreational users need to be 21 years of age to consume, whilst medical card holders have no age limitations as long as lock legally host a medical card.


Recreational users will be highly taxed, this tax is referred to as excise tax and it is taxation at 16 percent, including Arizona typical taxes this rate is increased to 24.7% on all cannabis purchases, medical card holders space not topic to this excise tax.


Medical marijuana patients have the right to possess as much as two and a half ounces. Recreational marijuana consumers deserve to possess as much as one oz of marijuana v no an ext than five grams being concentrates/extracts.


Legalization that recreational usage does not govern just how employers, landlords, and independent agencies manage or bring out their policies. Companies and independent agencies have the right to enforce and also deny services based on cannabis consumption. Under 207, employers deserve to discriminate yet they want, yet they cannot fire who (with a medical card) for a positive test. They deserve to only take activity against castle if they are impaired at the workplace or are in possession of clinical marijuana in the workplace. Defend yourself legally by having your medical card.


Recreational users are minimal in potency once purchasing. No an ext than 10mg THC per serving every edible approximately 100 mg or 100 mg per package have the right to be purchased and also a border of 5 grams of concentrate per purchase. Medical Card Holders space not minimal in potency and also are able to purchase any type of potency or kind of consumption.


Medical marijuana patient can grow marijuana under certain rules to incorporate each patient can grow up to 12 plants. Recreational marijuana can be get an impressive by persons 21 or older, however cultivation is regulation to 6 cannabis plants every individual’s main residence.


Recreational marijuana consumers will be able to buy up to one oz (with no much more than 5 grams gift concentrates/extracts) per transaction, medical marijuana patients have the right to purchase as much as two and also a fifty percent ounces every two weeks.


Demand because that recreational marijuana will certainly be really high, so most dispensaries will certainly likely create separate present for clinical marijuana patients and also recreational consumer to purchase marijuana. In several says that have actually Medical and Recreational purchasers, the medical patient takes priority.


Step 1: contact Us

Call Dr. Reeferalz, email us, or walk-in and start your testimonial process! We’ll let you recognize what friend need and also answer any kind of questions you might have.


Step 3: meet our Doctor

Our doctor will review your records and discuss your condition and also medical history. If your situation qualifies, our employee will process your application v the state and you will leave our office through a state receipt, your certification, and also renewal information.


Step 2: Schedule Appointment

Once your medical records have been obtained, or you have to schedule an exam with our doctor, we will certainly schedule your evaluation appointment.


Step 4: Patiently Wait

The card is commonly approved before the patient leaves the office. However, we recommend 24-48 hours (during organization days) for her card to be accessible for use.

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Last Step: get Your Card

The map is currently digital. Cards will be accessible via their virtual portal created when lock apply.