Donny Osmond has actually a propensity to take decades off from his record career. That let many of the 1980s walk by, maybe to clean the waiting after his teen idol days of the 1970s, before re-launching himself together a dance-pop singer with his self-titled Capitol album in 1989, then took off many of the "90s ~ the relative disappointment of its follow-up, eye Don"t Lie. In the meantime, he acquired a measure up of legitimacy as a musical theatre performer v a long-running portrayal of the title character in Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice"s Joseph and also the impressive Technicolor Dreamcoat. By the end of the decade, through the cancellation the the syndicated talk display he common with his sisters Marie, Osmond to be again accessible to take an additional chance in the record stores. And so, here is This Is the Moment, the principle of i m sorry is come take present tunes of assorted vintages and given them modern-day pop arrangements. The course, that"s what pop artists supplied to execute all the moment with show music, until it dropped out of favor at the finish of the 1960s. Osmond and also veteran producer Phil Ramone may not be trying to resurrect that heritage so lot as they room trying to handmade a new, more respectable photo for Osmond together an adult contemporary performer. Hence, in one of the an ext radical restatements that a song, arranger/conductor plunder Mounsey provides a setup for the 50-year-old "Luck it is in a Lady" from men & Dolls the sounds like nothing so lot as a track from a 1970s Steely Dan album, complete with funky rhythms and also a punchy horn chart. That sort of thing deserve to backfire, of food (it makes you think around what Osmond to be singing as soon as "Rikki Don"t lose That Number" was a hit), however for the most part, Osmond and Ramone choose show songs from recent years that currently have a pop element to them, such as "Seasons the Love" from Rent and "This Is the Moment" indigenous Jekyll & Hyde, for this reason they are halfway to their goal already. Osmond plainly has learned a lot around singing native his stage work, however he tho employs a popular music singer"s feeling of feeling over a stage singer"s desire come convey meaning. Oddly, the staginess the his technique derives more from his pop background than his theater work; he never for a 2nd sounds prefer he"s really emotion anything. This artificiality is accentuated by the timbre that his light, functional tenor. Decca Broadway seems to have chosen "Seasons that Love" as the album"s focus track and also is more than likely holding the duet with Vanessa Williams on Sweeney Todd"s "Not when I"m Around" in reserve, however those aren"t yes, really the likeliest candidates to rest this album. Osmond just doesn"t pond the former, and the latter was a bad casting idea -- Osmond and also Williams" voices room too similar. Rather, the real opportunities for hits space Whistle down the Wind"s "No issue What" (which scored because that Boyzone in the U.K., despite they flopped through it in the U.S.) and also Saturday Night Fever"s "Immortality." this are extremely melodic, lightly rhythmic ballads perfectly suited to Osmond"s voice and approach.

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This Is the minute is both the finest Donny Osmond album ever made and also conclusive proof that the previous teen idol, that was 43 when it to be released, is never going come be an ext than a pleasant, modestly talented singer.