ns Don't Think around You at All: 10 Shadiest Mad males Burns Mad men was known for the dramatic storylines and devastating reveals. The personalities could additionally drop some severe shade.

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In an alternate universe, the characters of Mad Men would be great rappers with chart-topping diss tracks. The frequency through which castle dropped hot, confidence-shattering burns at each various other was admirable. Everyone appeared to it is in in the mood to placed a friend, colleague, lover or rival in your place.

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The truth that the show"s conversation was highly lauded by critics is no surprise. Indigenous Don Draper constantly being a clever talker in ~ the cost of his subordinates" feelings to Peggy making guys sweat, there was no shortage of well-crafted verbal attacks. The adhering to are several of the most impressive burns top top Mad Men.

In Season 7"s "The Monolith," Don and also Peggy space working top top an declaring pitch because that Sampsonite suitcases so late in the evening. Peggy renders sure to remind Don to recognize that she to let go her birthday party to work on the project. She also allows him recognize that she isn"t happy with just how he obtained all the credit transaction for an proclaiming pitch she come up with.

Don reminds her that he is her employer. Her work-related is to offer him principles then the pays she in return. Peggy asks why the never also says "Thank you." Don counters by stating that the salary he provides her just how he shows her his gratitude. Brutal!

Jimmy confronts Don in mad Men
A couple of weeks after Jimmy gets hired by Sterling Cooper to act in TV ads for Utz Potato Chips, Don starts an affair through his mam Bonnie. Jimmy comes to learn around the affair because Bonnie won"t prevent talking around Don. The accepts that his wife is cheating top top him yet still garners sufficient courage to confront Don.

Jimmy begins by telling Don that he is thankful that he gained him every little thing he want (the TV gig) and also he"s even much more grateful that he take it his wife in return. That goes on come let Don know that he hasn"t achieved anything by resting with Bonnie because she is a serial cheater who was just using him to accomplish her urges

roadway Pryce ultimately bows the end of the show in a tragic way but prior to that, he provides audiences plenty of memorable moments. Most of this moments arise from his rivalry with Pete. In Season 4"s "Waldorf Stories," Pete asks Lane around a potential Geyer merger and also the conversation conveniently goes south.

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Pete go on a rant around how that is never consulted and how his occupational is never ever appreciated. When again, the attempts to storm the end of the room yet Lane speak him that he still expects good work indigenous him. He lets Pete understand that the is welcome to sign up with him and also Cosgrove for lunch whenever he is done throwing tantrums.

7 "Spoken favor A Failure."

to trust Peggy Olson to always shoot linguistic arrows at human being she loves. Her relationship with Stan Rizzo is somehow toxic but the two constantly make it work, many thanks to Stan"s capacity to take it it all in.

In the series finale, the lovebirds talk about work. Stan tells her to shot and evaluate what she has instead of always competing v people. He says that she be favor him due to the fact that he is an extremely happy in ~ his job. Peggy doesn"t take this as well kindly. She call him the end for lacking ambition prior to labelling the a failure. Classic Peggy Olson!

Peggy"s ambition renders her hang roughly Don in the office all the time. She has actually made that clear before that in order to succeed, she demands to you re welcome the bosses. She also tries come sleep through Don once.

But in Season 3"s "Seven Twenty Three," Don shows up to have grown worn down of being asked inquiries by Peggy all the time. He lets her understand that that is tired of seeing she every time he turns around. And also when she reminds him that she is really important to him, he allows her recognize that he can do with every little thing she has actually done therefore far. This isn"t precisely true yet Don never ever hesitates come burn Peggy whenever the opportunity presents itself.

5 "I"m In The Persuasion Business, and Frankly I"m Disappointed By your Presentation."

Eugene tries come hit top top Peggy in Season 2"s "Flight 1" however his seduction attempts don"t go so well. The problem? he is too direct? The way in which he phrases his indigenous isn"t outstanding either.

"Come home with me!" he says. When Peggy desires to understand why, he adds, "Because I favor you and we"re having actually a good time and I"m a an excellent kisser and you know you desire to." Peggy lets him recognize that as someone who has to persuade clients each day, she is very disappointed through his effort. A lot of viewers most likely shared Peggy"s disappointed too.

in ~ Don"s surprise birthday party, Megan go an amazing rendition that the "60s hit single Zou Bisou Bisou. Don is plainly impressed and so is anyone else in ~ the party.

Everyone appears to be combination up at the party and also as soon as Megan is excellent singing, i get it asks his new bride jane Siegel why she doesn"t sing prefer that. Jane easily lets the end an outstanding canned retort, informing Roger that perhaps if the looked favor Don, she"d gladly sing. Not the ideal way to begin a marriage, we presume. What a clapback from Jane though!

3 "Dammit, Burt, girlfriend Stole mine Goodbye!”

Burt Peterson was unlucky enough to be fired twice. At first, he thinks he has survived as soon as all redundant positions space being erased, just for his bosses come tell him that they had actually delayed his firing since his wife was gaining cancer treatment. He renders a step while leaving, knocking points over and also yelling.

He goes on to work for Chaough however finds himself ago at the firm after Chaough"s agency merges v Sterling Cooper. This gives Roger the chance to call him come his office and also fire that again. "You"re a real prick, you recognize that?” Burt states. I get it responds as only Roger would, implying the was about to tell him the exact same thing.

over there is a factor why Season 7"s mid-season finale to be named “Waterloo.” like Napoleon, Don is shedding in all areas of his life. He has just been slapped with a lawsuit for breach of contract. Jim Cutler look at this together the perfect possibility to throw shade at him.

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Jim tells Don just how he and also Ted would constantly feel intimidated whenever they heard that Sterling Cooper was gunning because that a major client. But now the he has actually personally witnessed Don"s behavior, his opinion of him has actually shrunk. That compares him to a football player since all he knows is exactly how to bully people. Jim also questions Don"s eloquence, adding: "The many eloquent I’ve ever before heard girlfriend was when you to be blubbering around your impoverished childhood."

1 "I nothing Think around You in ~ All."

Michael Ginsberg quickly develops himself as a talented copywriter at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Don is openly jealousy of him, regardless of the fact that the is his junior. Once Don look at Ginsberg"s notes for a Sno Ball ad pitch, he tries to do a comparable one yet it gets rejected by the clients.

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That doesn"t protect against him from trying to obtain to Ginsberg"s nerves. He virtually refuses to show Ginsberg"s pitch to the clients, something that angers the copywriter. If confronting every other, Ginsberg tells Don the he feeling sorry because that him due to the fact that of his childish antics, to which Don claps back with the comment above. This plainly highlight"s Don"s attitude. His interests constantly come first.