The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is a desktop processor with 6 cores, introduced in July 2019. It is component of the Ryzen 5 lineup, utilizing the Zen 2 (Matisse) style with Socket AM4. Thanks to AMD coincided Multithreading (SMT) the core-count is successfully doubled, to 12 threads. Ryzen 5 3600 has 32MB the L3 cache and operates in ~ 3.6 GHz by default, however can rise up to 4.2 GHz, depending on the workload. AMD is making the Ryzen 5 3600 ~ above a 7 nm manufacturing node using 3,800 million transistors. The silicon dice of the chip is not fabricated at AMD, however at the foundry of TSMC. You might freely change the unlocked multiplier ~ above Ryzen 5 3600, which simplifies overclocking greatly, as you can quickly dial in any kind of overclocking frequency. through a TDP of 65 W, the Ryzen 5 3600 consumes common power levels because that a contemporary PC. AMD"s processor supports DDR4 memory with adual-channel interface. The highest officially supported memory speed is 3200 MHz, yet with overclocking (and the ideal memory modules) you can go even higher. For interaction with other components in the machine, Ryzen 5 3600 provides a PCI-Express Gen 4 connection. This processor does no have integrated graphics, girlfriend will need a different graphics card. Hardware virtualization is accessible on the Ryzen 5 3600, which considerably improves virtual machine performance. Program using advanced Vector expansions (AVX) have the right to run top top this processor, raising performance for calculation-heavy applications.

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As well as AVX, AMD is including the more recent AVX2 standard, too, however not AVX-512.
PhysicalSocket:Foundry:Process Size: Transistors:Die Size:Package:tCaseMax:
AMD Socket AM4
7 nm
3,800 million
74 mm²
PerformanceFrequency:Turbo Clock:Base Clock:Multiplier:Multiplier Unlocked:TDP:FP32:
3.6 GHz
up come 4.2 GHz
100 MHz
65 W
1,209.6 GFLOPS
ArchitectureMarket:Production Status:Release Date:Codename:Generation:Part#:Memory Support:ECC Memory:PCI-Express:
Jul 7th, 2019
Ryzen 5(Zen 2 (Matisse))
DDR4-3200 MHzDual-channel
Gen 4
Cores# the Cores:# the Threads:SMP # CPUs: Integrated Graphics:
CacheCache L1: Cache L2: Cache L3:
64K (per core)
512K (per core)
32MB (shared)
This processor comes v an unlocked basic clock multiplier, permitting users to collection the multiplier value higher than transport value, to facilitate far better overclocking.

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