Las Vegas has plenty of skateparks, yet Doc Romeo Skatepark was standing out together the ideal place for skaters. Located at 7400 top Drive, las Vegas, Nevada, the facility likewise has a playground, youth baseball and softball ar beside it. Let’s discover what rather this park can offer. Let’s dive in. 

About Doc Romeo Skatepark

Doc Romeo Skatepark is among the height skateparks in ras Vegas that features bigger bowls and also quarter pipes than the normal skateparks. Skaters reap the park’s big tranny lines incorporated with its big bowls that have smaller sides and showcase fly boxes and rail ledges. That is truly a paradise because that skaters in las Vegas looking for a ar where they deserve to train together beginners and where they have the right to practice their progressed skills. 

An all-concrete skatepark v bleacher seating, Doc Romeo Skatepark is much more than just your median skatepark – the is a paradise. 

Park Features

The park has a lengthy sidewalk with 6 to 7 rails in ~ the rear that web links to the distinct bowl the the skatepark. Doc Romeo Skatepark’s middle section shows up to be because that BMX riders, do it one of the largest parks in las Vegas. It likewise has 

There are also plenty of skateparks approximately Doc Romeo. Several of them include: 

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In case you need supplies for your equipment, there room shops roughly Doc Romeo Skatepark like:

Let It role Skate StoreHNRS ras VEGASEpidemic ice scating StoreAgency plank ShopUtility plank SupplyKore CaliforniaThe Pawnshop SkateshopAdvantis Arcadia

Doc Romeo Skatepark hosts the las vegas Am Jam Series, an yearly skateboard and also BMX competition, and a absent concert the is free for all. The video game has different categories where kids from periods 5 to 18 may contend for points and medals. The event consists of food trucks and vendors who can put up their tents and also sell skateboard equipment. You deserve to find more information here: 

Know before You Go

Doc Romeo Skatepark is thought about a an obstacle for part skaters. While the skatepark is open for all ability levels, the monitoring requires that each one must wear protective equipment when practicing ~ above the slopes. Every skaters, whether they be beginners or professionals, should wear the suitable headgears, knee pads, and also footwear. Park visitors room also complimentary to use the park to conduct skateboard class as long as castle secure a allow from the management and also have their legal certification. The park promotes discipline in their neighborhood as it prohibits loud music, recklessness, poor behavior, and also harassment to various other users. The administration prohibits the drinking of alcoholic beverages in ~ the park premises. Make sure to watch it for her safety and of other park visitors. Adults cannot continue to be within the area specialized to kids unless they need to supervise young children aged 12 and below. Pets are not allowed within the sports areas. Dogs have to only continue to be in the dog park area. If the park holds a skating competition, accessibility to the sporting to meet is limited. The basic is unsupervised.

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Skaters should always look after your safety. The park opens up at 7 in the morning and closes in ~ eleven in the evening. 

Check the end Doc Romeo Skatepark located at 7400 top Drive las Vegas, NV 89128 and start practicing your 180 ollie and kickflips. For some various other sports activities, friend might also want to examine out vegas Superkarts.