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Ritual monster are probably one of the hardest monster species to summon in Yu-Gi-Oh.

Unlike extra deck monsters which friend can accessibility whenever you like, with routine monsters you need to have a ritual monster card, the correct ritual spell, and the monsters from your hand/field to tribute.

Talk about convoluted!

However, that’s no to say routine monsters are poor – far from it. In fact, there room multiple ritual-based decks that have taken the meta video game by storm in ahead years, through some seriously powerful monsters in your arsenal!.

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So if you looking to offer this underrated summoning mechanic a try, examine out ours ranking listed below to pick up some ideas.

15. Evigishki Gustkraken


Ritual Spell: any “Gishki” routine Spell

Gishki’s are one of the most an effective ritual decks in all of Yu-Gi-Oh’s background – and also this male is life proof that that.

At level 7, this guy is pretty simple to summon as far as ritual monsters go.

And with 2400 strike it’s precious the cost.

Plus this is its effect:

When this card is routine summoned you can look at up to 2 cards in your opponent’s hand, and shuffle one of those ago into your deck.

This form of hand removed is an ext important than ever before in modern Yu-Gi-Oh. Pretty much every deck will be playing multiple hand traps.

And if you can get rid of these with Evigishki Gustkraken, the remainder of the duel will certainly be smooth sailing… for you, at least!

14. Megalith Ophiel


Ritual Spell: None

Megaliths are one of the weirdest ritual decks out there.

Unlike most ritual monster which require a ritual spell to summon them, Megaliths usage themselves as their ritual spells.

Cards like Megalith Ophiel permit you to routine summon any ritual monster (including non-Megalith monsters) during your main phase utilizing this card (and rather from your hand and field) together the tribute.

This provides Megalith decks a huge advantage over various other ritual strategies, where they have actually to discover a method of drawing their ritual spell at the ideal time.

What’s more, once Megalith Ophiel is ritual summoned, you have the right to search and also bring the end Megalith monster from your deck to her hand – setup you up perfectly to summon seriously powerful monsters in the blink of an eye.

13. Relinquished


Ritual Spell: black color Illusion routine

Sometimes that the old cards that space the best.

And Relinquished is definitely an example of this.

Relinquished is one of the finest ways that stealing your opponent’s monsters. As soon as per turn, you deserve to target a monster your enemy controls and also equip it to this card – practically turning your opponent’s monster into an equip spell.

Then Relinquished’s attack and defense become equal to the of the fitted monster, do this a great way to turn your opponent’s strongest monsters into their very own downfall.

As if that effect wasn’t damaged enough, yes sir more:

Any time Relinquished would be damaged in fight you can simply ruin the fitted monster instead, leaving this male on the board & cost-free to steal your opponent’s monster again and again.

12. Nekroz the Trishula


Ritual Spell: any type of Nekroz ritual Spell

Nekroz room without a doubt the finest ritual deck of all time.

They’re so good that they’ve had multiple cards ~ above the ban list – few of which have only freshly come off!

If you’re looking for a routine deck that deserve to truly stand approximately the contemporary meta game, climate Nekroz are your finest bet.

Nekroz that Trishula is the ritual version the Trishula, Dragon of the ice Barrier (you know, that monster so good it’s still restricted to 1 copy every deck to this day?)

When this card is routine summoned you deserve to banish 3 of your opponent’s cards, one each from their hand, field, and also graveyard.

On height of that, Nekroz the Trishula has actually a an excellent effect while that in her hand too:

You deserve to discard it any kind of time her Nekroz monsters would be target by a map effect, to climate negate and destroy the set off card – which provides your monsters v some remarkable protection!

11. Shinobaron Peacock


Ritual Spell: Shinobird’s Calling

If you assumed Megaliths to be weird for not having a routine spell, just wait it rotates you check out what Shinobirds can do.

These males are a spirit routine deck.

And in case you nothing know: soul are an old chapter that Yu-Gi-Ohs history.

They’re a set of monsters that return us to the hand in ~ the end of the rotate they’re summoned. This is usually counter by some seriously powerful effects, and also this is absolutely true because that Shinobirds!

When Shinobaron Peacock is routine summoned, you can return 3 monsters your adversary controls (that’s right, non-targeting removal) come the hand, and special summon any type of level 4 or lower Spirit monster from your hand – skipping its summoning conditions.

This sets you increase perfectly to sink some serious damage into her opponent.

10. Gishki Zielgigas


Ritual Spell: any Gishki routine Spell

At level 10, this guy is just one of the many expensive ritual monsters the end there.

But boy is this card worth the tributes.

First that all, Gishki Zielgigas comes in at a lining 3200 attack – more than sufficient to bowl over any kind of monster your enemy throws at you.

Secondly, this map comes with a good way of illustration cards and messing your foe up in ~ the very same time.

By paying 1000 life points, friend can attract a card from her deck.

If this map happens to it is in a Gishki card (and in a Gishki deck this is extremely likely) then you deserve to non-targeting shuffle away any card on the field earlier into the deck.

You deserve to do this every solitary turn, an interpretation your adversaries board through be brushed up clean before you understand it.

9. Herald the Ultimateness


Ritual Spell: Oracle of the Herald

If she looking to include some good-ol’ negating power in your ritual deck, then Herald that Ultimateness is worth a try.

Unlike most negating monster effects which deal with spells, traps, and also monster effects, Herald of Ultimateness does all of that when also negating distinct summons!

To activate this effect, every you need to do is discard a fairy monster.

A ludicrously cheap price come straight-up negate a special summon.

Most trap cards that would attain this (e.g. Solemn Strike) would collection you back a few thousand life points.

So this routine card worth its weight in gold – well, in a duel, in ~ least!

8. Drytron Meteonis Draconids


Ritual Spell: Meteonis Drytron

Drytrons have actually taken the people of Yu-Gi-Oh by storm.

They’re the latest routine deck come be exit by Konami, and also boy room they overpowered!

By adding a couple of Drytron cards into your routine deck, you deserve to turn it into an unstoppable death machine!

This card is the ceo monster of the deck, coming in in ~ a ludicrously high 4000 attack.

And if every the materials used because that this cards summon had levels of 2 or much less (while that doesn’t really make feeling for a level 12 ritual monster, Drytrons have actually a means of functioning round this) climate it can assault every solitary monster your enemy controls, when each!

With 4000 strike by default, that’s definitely not the sort of damages they could survive easily.

On optimal of that, you can also banish monsters from her graveyard through 2000 assault (again, a Drytron thing) to send monsters from the ar to the graveyard – an interpretation your opponent’s board can be for sure slaughtered by the moment this guy’s done with it, no issue what defense they’ve acquired up.

7. Megalith Phul


Ritual Spell: None

Megalith Phul has an capability unlike no other:

You deserve to ritual summon monster straight from the deck!

Once per turn, during either player’s main phase, you can ritual summon a Megalith monster from her deck using this card and cards in your hand/field as materials.

But how am I intended to something anything an excellent with a level 2 monster together tribute?

Well, when Megalith Phul is at first summoned, you can return a routine monster from her graveyard to her hand to have actually this card come to be that level.

Not just is this a great way that reusing your best monsters, however this likewise sets girlfriend up perfect to routine summon some powerful high-level monsters too.

6. Magician of black Chaos MAX


Ritual Spell: Chaos Form

This map splashes amazingly into any type of deck that have the right to ritual summon during your opponent’s turn (looking at you, Megaliths).

And the equally amazing in various other ritual decks too.

When this card is one-of-a-kind summoned, you can tribute a monster you control to protect against your foe for activating monster results for the rest of the turn.

You have the right to see why this is for this reason potent if you have the right to summon it throughout your opponent’s key phase… however equally, summoning this throughout your turn prevents your game plan from gift messed up by assorted hand traps.

What’s more, at any time this map destroys one more monster in battle, friend can add any spell map from your graveyard to her hand.

In routine decks where having access to the right ritual spells have the right to make or break her game, this is the perfect means of ensuring the your routine summons just keep coming.

5. Demise, can be fried King the Armageddon


Ritual Spell: bike of the World

The initial Demise, King that Armageddon was among the most powerful ritual monster of the time.

In fact, there to be a seriously famous OTK deck entailing this guy that might consistently to win your opponent in a solitary turn.

So it’s no surprise then that this male is amazingly strong.

You have the right to pay 2000 life clues to damage as plenty of other cards ~ above the ar (leaving you with a 3000 assault beater to smack your adversary with!), while likewise burning your foe for 200 damage for each card destroyed.

What’s more, if you routine summoned this card making use of a routine monster (a.k.a utilizing the original Demise, King of Armageddon) then you don’t also have to pay any life points come activate this effect.

4. Blue eye Chaos MAX Dragon


Ritual Spell: Chaos Form

In terms of attack power, Blue eye Chaos MAX Dragon takes the cake v a chuck 4000 assault – making it one of the strongest ritual monsters ever before made.

So this guy have the right to rack up some serious damages with just one attack.

When it assaults a defense place monster, you can likewise inflict double piercing damage!

Crazy stuff, i know.

So if you strike a monster with 0 defense, you basically straight attacking.

And a lot of players will set a monster through 0 defense to provide some protection for a turn, particularly when castle in a pinch.

3. Nekroz of Unicore


Ritual Spell: any Nekroz routine Spell

One the the ideal ways to fully stop your opponent in their tracks is to do their extra deck monsters useless – and Nekroz of Unicore does simply that!

While this card is one the field, any type of monster that was distinct summoned native the extra deck has actually its effects completely negated.

This’ll force your adversary to use the monster in their key deck to get rid of this opening floodgate.

And if they don’t have actually anything strong enough?

Well, the video game is nearly yours because that the taking.

2. Nekroz of Sophia


Ritual Spell: any kind of Nekroz routine Spell

Just when you think the Nekroz archetype can’t obtain any more broken, this map comes along and blows them the end of the water.

During her opponent’s turn, you have the right to discard this card along with a Nekroz spell to completely shut your enemy off native summoning from the extra deck because that the remainder of the phase.

Most world keep their best and strongest monster in the extra deck.

And with this type of protecting against power, they won’t stand a opportunity at winning!

If girlfriend can get Nekroz of Sophia on the ar then you’ve got some seriously destructive power on her hands.

When it’s summoned, you can also banish every various other card on the field and also graveyard – there’s usually no way your foe can endure that sort of on onslaught.

Nekroz that Sophia is the perfect game finisher – and also easily the best card in the Nekroz arsenal.

1. Amorphactor Pain, the creativity Dracoverlord


Ritual Spell: Amorphous Persona

Amorphages room a seriously scary archetype.

They have the right to lock down anything and also everything your opponent does. So you can imagine what type of strength the ceo monster the this deck wields.

We’ve seen exactly how some of the most powerful ritual monsters on this list stop your opponent summoning during the key phase.

Well what if us took the a step further and took away her opponent’s entire key phase?

When this map is ritual summoned, your opponent totally skips their next main phase. This means they’ll have actually to enter the fight phase completely unprepared.

And ns can’t imagine they’ll be resulting in much damages that turn.

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On top of that, Amorphactor Pain, the imagination Dracoverlord negates the effects of every Fusion, Synchro, and also Xyz monster while the on the field!

This leaves your foe with 3 options:

Use their main deck monsters, use attach monsters, or rituals.

This seriously boundaries your opponent’s game plan. And chances are while this guy is on the field, they’ll be totally cut off from their win condition too – leave you cost-free to take it the victory.