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Not the anyone below would recognize it, however honestly how typical is it? i’m a so late 20s married male. I’m an extremely fit and also consider myself to be an excellent looking. This has actually happened on two of 3 massages. Without being too lengthy winded…I’ve only received three massages in mine life. The an initial was at a local massage school. Young woman therapist, ns was told throughout intake to store on underwear, several draping (towel, blanket, and sheet) was used, naught inappropriate. Second massage to be at the regional salon (nice upscale place) whereby I (and wife) acquire our hair done. Ns was offered a totally free massage gift certificate indigenous a brand-new therapist the the salon had actually recently hired. She quit me on my way out one day, introduced herself and said she was trying to attract new clients, and gave me the certificate. Next hair reduced appointment (hadn’t provided the massage certificate) I saw her again and also said “Hi”. She remembered me and asked “why i hadn’t obtained my cost-free massage yet?”. Us talked for a pair of minutes, she seemed a tiny flirty, claimed I should feel special due to the fact that she’d only provided out a pair of freebees. A couple of weeks as soon as by and also I inquiry my mam if she’d prefer to usage the certificate due to the fact that she’d been complaining about feeling tired, stressed, etc. She called, asked if it would be it s okay if she acquired the cost-free massage, to be told it was fine. She gained the massage and said the it was okay, naught special, cut alittle brief on time, kind of feeling a tiny tension native the therapist. Following haircut there she was, stated in a joking tone “so you didn’t desire my massage”. I described that mine wife essential it much more than me, nothing personal. She then said something choose “Well the sell still stands, execute you want one now, I’ve got an opening best now”. I agree. Proceeded ago to the room. Perfect the input form. Was told come “strip down”. Draping was a huge thick towel. She began with me confront down, all appeared legit till she obtained to mine legs/glutes area. She folded the towel ago from my lower back area across to my other leg in kinda that a triangle kind opening. She invested a couple of minute in the area, nothing inappropriate… except I know that one entire cheek (and probably my testicles) wherein exposed…I retained thinking come myself the this can not be the correct means of act this…Is it??? after ~ doing the various other side the same way. I rolled over and also she worked on the front. Every was well till she was on my last top leg. ~ above one increase stroke her finger coincidentally (I think) poked the guideline of mine penis. Climate on the next (slow) up stroke...the whole side of her hand brushed down the tip of my penis.
i’m pretty sure this wasn’t by accident, however I’m curious as to how often this does take place by accident. After ~ the (1 hour, twenty minutes) massage she make the efforts to acquire me to book an appointment, ns told her i wasn’t certain my schedule and never did. I never ever said anything come anyone. Not sure what take place to her, but she wasn’t at the salon an extremely long. This weekend (while top top vacation), I received a couples massage with my wife. Paper draping, no underwear. Started confront up, all went well, went face down, every was well till she conduct to mine legs. Draped was nearly and poor as my prior massage. She urgent the sheet back started ~ above the leg, proceeded under to feet, then back up to job-related glute. She didn’t tuck the sheet under/between my legs till getting back up to job-related the glute. I know the entire time she was working on the feet that my “stuff” was in full view.
The various other side to be done the same. Is this normal??? ns asked my wife (who’s had many massages) and she thought I to be being a little paranoid due to the fact that the lighting to be dim and they’re professionals that nothing look or care.

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quiet what room your thoughts? Sorry for being therefore long. Thanks