Group: Chapter 5 - The Nameless Isle

Starting Map: The Nameless Isle

To begin this quest you need to talk to Almira ~ you with The Nameless Isle.

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Almira has actually asked united state to recoup the two pieces that the Swornbreaker, which deserve to be uncovered somewhere on the Nameless Isle, according to the tablet we retrieved. We should keep watch for these items.

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AlmiraThe Nameless Isle

Haft the the SwornbreakerThe Nameless Isle

The great Guardian (lvl 17)The Nameless Isle

1. Uncovered Shaft

Take Haft the the Swornbreaker native the chest situated in The battle Room.

We uncovered a lengthy haft - part of the Swornbreaker.

2. Found Blade

Blade of the Swornbreaker drops indigenous The an excellent Guardian (lvl 17). The is in the surprise section of The board of directors Academy referred to as Arena of the Ages.

We discovered a curved blade - component of the Swornbreaker.

Blade of the Swornbreaker

4. Gave Parts

We gave the Swornbreaker to Almira. After ~ restoring and using it, she will be cost-free of the commitment with the God King. She promised that we have the right to count on her as an ally, as soon as the final confrontation is close to at hand.

5. Got tablet computer Back

We called Almira that we will gain back the Swornbreaker ourselves, and also took the tablet back from her in stimulate to lug out the process.

6. Do Breaker

Combine Ancient stone Tablet, Blade the the Swornbreaker and Haft the the Swornbreaker. Friend will create The Swornbreaker (Two-Handed Axe).

We have revitalized the Swornbreaker. We can now provide it come Almira, or not...

8. Gave Breaker

Give The Stormbreaker come Almira. She will offer you Blood Storm Skillbook.

We offered the Swornbreaker come Almira. After utilizing it, she will be cost-free of the commitment with the God King. She promised the we have the right to count on her together an ally, once the last confrontation is close to at hand.

8.1. Search Reward

Divine top quality rewards.

9. Relocate To next Category

Almira remained with united state on the Lady Vengeance, still hope to receive the Swornbreaker.

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