The Genshin Impact Diamond in the Rough search is a day-to-day Commission that work the player to choose the ideal stone. Perfect the daily Commission very first try will certainly award players with the wonders of the human being Achievement: Beginner’s Luck. As soon as the search is completed, and the correct Jade rock is picked, prizes include the previously mentioned Achievement, Primogems, Mora, Adventure rank EXP, Companionship EXP, and also more. The a search well precious completing.

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How to complete the Diamond in the Rough quest in Genshin Impact


The Genshin affect Diamond in the Rough everyday Commission quest rewards football player with valuable items and also the marvels of the human being Achievement: Beginner’s luck (if the correct jadestone is picked very first try), come boot. It’s a simple Quest to complete, but players will require to understand the right rock to pick. Look right here for help on the Swan Quiz answers.

Follow these procedures to finish the Diamond in the Rough search in Genshin Impact:

Check back every day for the the supervisory board Quest.Accept the Diamonds in the unstable Quest once it appears.Speak to Shitou (the game should tell the player wherein to go).Choose “Go ~ above then.”Select the “600 Mora” jadestone option.Take a closer look.Choose the rock that is many brightly colored/shiny. That is the most beneficial stone.Depending on graphical settings, each stone may appear the same.There’s a 1/3 opportunity that the correct stone will be picked if the shininess doesn’t adjust between them.

If over there is a shinier/brighter jadestone, pick that one. This will complete the Quest and also give the player its rewards. Together this appears to be a repeatable daily Commission Quest, too, there will certainly be more chances to pick correctly the first time. There are other chances to collection that Beginner’s happy Achievement.

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Completing the Genshin impact Diamond in the unstable Quest need to be basic enough. Remember the there will certainly be different chances to pick the exactly jadestone very first try on various other days, as well. Looking for another Achievement? our Pirates Argh accomplishment guide could come in handy. Look here to discover where to find tiny Liu.