Matty Mullins—an anomaly of one artist that is breaking every the rules and defying every expectation.

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As the longtime lead singer of metalcore outfit Memphis might Fire, Mullins rocks hard. However, ~ above his brand-new solo song, "No organize On Me," that effortlessly helms an up-tempo worship song that can easily it is in led in a church company next Sunday.

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The song’s lyrics declare battle on the enemy’s never-ending cable of lies, placing Satan on notification with the announcement that his words host no strength over the children of God. “No an ext shackles on my feet / The devil’s acquired no organize on me / Jesus" blood has collection me free / The devil’s gained no organize on me,” Mullins proclaims on the foot-stomping, choir-assisted track.

The Memphis might Fire frontman created the uplifting anthem v Bryan Fowler and also Mark AlanSchoolmeesters, giving Mullins the opportunity to produce a tune that urges others in the same way so countless truth-filled songs have actually soundtracked his own personal journey that faith.

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“Christian music has been a constant reminder of oh my gosh goodness in my life, so having actually the possibility to compose songs prefer this is such a blessing,”
Matty Mullins shares. “May the lord be glorified whenever and wherever this song is played!”

In addition to releasing fifty percent a dozen albums v Memphis might Fire over the previous decade and also performing in overabundance of 250 concert a year—including dates across Europe and also the U.K.—the singer has also previously released 2 solo Christian projects, including 2014’s self-titled "Matty Mullins" and also 2017’s "Unstoppable."

“No hold On Me” serves together Mullins’ first solo musical release because “Unstoppable (feat. Jordan Feliz)” ended up being a peak 5 hit.

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