Check the end this evil one May Cry 5 (DMC 5) key story walkthrough and guide because that Mission 13 - three Warriors. This includes gameplay and battle tips, mission tricks and techniques, and more.

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The Behemoth will start out in a chained increase state, restricting that movement, and also attack power. You have the right to ignore lock in this state, and focus on fighting other enemies.

Fight One-On-One

Once the Behemoth is unleashed, friend should focus your assaults on them as they deal massive damage in a solitary hit!

5. Beating Riots - Tips

Be Wary that Their quick Attacks

Since Riots perform not have a sluggish wind up, it may be harder to read as soon as they are telegraphing your attacks. Store your distance till they lunge at you. As soon as they execute this, dodge, and counter them through your very own attacks.

5. Defeating Nobodies - Tips

Save This foe For Last

Since Nobodies have a big health pool, you deserve to save them because that last to emphasis your fire ~ above them. In ~ the same time, be mindful as castle do have a ranged strike that allows them litter eyeballs at you.

8. Defeating Chaoses - Tips

Stay Away once They Turn into Blades

Chaoses will turn right into blades and also will spin because that a lengthy time charging before rushing at you. Castle are additionally invulnerable at this state so make sure to keep an eye on turn Chaoses in order to dodge your attacks!

8. Beating Hell Antenoras - Tips

Wait because that Them To finish Their attack Before Countering

Hell Antenoras have actually a long chain of strikes that they use. These are slow, but can maybe deal loads of damages if many of the attacks hit. Remain away indigenous them while they execute, and counter attack when they stop after their combo.


When jumping into the last room, you will discover a yellow Orb wait for you. Friend will have the ability to recognize the room because it is the just room with purple glowing veins.

Check out Gold Orb locations HereFind gold Orb ~ above A golden Bridge

In the same room v purple veins, destroy red blood sacs. That will open up a hole that is various than the facility hole. Enter it to uncover yourself in one area with gold pathways. Follow the route to get to a gold bridge with the golden Orb.

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Boss tips & Strategy

No ceo In This Mission

You carry out not have to fight a ceo in this mission.