“Hard times” is a mystery quest that can be found on Ard Skellige. The task has actually no time frame, therefore you deserve to find and make the at any time, also completing the walkthrough that the game. The secrecy the the job is the it does not appear on the map, and you will certainly not uncover it on the bulletin board. Exactly how to get it then? This we now consider. Also, many players encounter problems during this quest. This overview will explain how to deal with or protect against them. Let's start.

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Witcher 3: Wild hunt “Hard times” - in-depth quest walkthrough

So, what is this task? This is not an bespeak or a side search from the SPC, so friend can contact it a “road quest”. That is activated only if Geralt comes running to the ar of the mission. In addition, this mission is intertwined with one complimentary DLC task and can also screw it up (glitch from the developers, or “idea”, that knows it), but an ext on the later.

So where to go? The job activation website is located nearly in the center of Ard Skellige, northwest that the village of Blandare. That is exactly on the road, but I'd rather show it v a screenshot.


Just drive as much as the meeting point carefully, you can accidentally fly into the one-eyed trouble, which is located right in the center of the road. Right here you have the right to see that well.


The cyclops will simply stand and twist their heads around, or lie down to sleep ideal in the middle of the “carriageway” - it doesn't matter. As soon as you gain close to anything, the one-eyed monster will immediately attack the witcher.

The Cyclopes belong to the class of ogres, which method that we require butter against them. Yes, it is “Oil versus ogres”, the higher the quality, the better, that course. About the damages taken treatment of, and also now the is important to think around survival. The Cyclops space pretty strong and really tough opponents. But because of that size, the is incredibly slow and also cumbersome. Usage Quen to no accidentally get hit ~ above the head, constantly use rolls to get to the next or ago and make a couple of punches indigenous the for sure zone. The key thing - do not loss under his special attack, during which the runs and waves his arms, she access time the hardest.

After beating the "giant", be certain to collection loot. Cyclops space not found really often, and reagents indigenous them are necessary for do potions and bombs. Currently we have the task “Hard times” in our journal. What walk the cyclops in the center of the road? The price is not long in coming, due to the fact that we can immediately notice the turning back carriage and, apparently, the driver, that was an extremely unlucky. Usage witch flair to check corpses. Yes, times space really hard.


The mare is gutted, a dead driver and fresh blood are close to the wagon, and also this is wherein the crime step is. We will not discover anything interesting roughly the wagon, yet if us cross the road, we deserve to see a trail close to the wheel the the wagon.


It is he who is needed to advancement the plot that the task. The trail leader to the thicket, however be cautious - girlfriend can automatically run right into two bears. The animals are big, castle hurt, health is full. That is good that Igni transaction well through them. Without turning off the witcher's instinct, we move deeper into the woodland deeper right into the thicket until the traces lead us to a bunch that Nekker.


In any kind of case, the is crucial to hit them, and also they space not such strong opponents as to the witcher's fear. Having encountered the petty bastards, we notification another body, wherein they ran. The bad girl tried to escape native the Cyclops attack and met the Nakers. Unfortunately, nothing can assist her, but you can find out what is in she pockets. And there is a subject for assignment - a letter come Yonn, a blacksmith native Kaer Trolde.


The letter was created by the mother, and also the dead girl, apparently, through sister Yonne. The family members does no get together with the money, therefore the mom asks her son to connect her sister to job-related in Caer Trolde, and then possibly the entirety family will live there together. It is sad to establish that currently they will absolutely not be. We must pass top top this article to Yonne, i m sorry we will certainly do.

Witcher search "Hard times" - just how to offer a letter come a blacksmith?

We leaving for the residence of Kraytov, whereby Yonne is located. The blacksmith, in addition to the armor and gunsmith the the castle, is situated in the corner near the castle storerooms.

Attention! If you have actually just arrived at Skellige and have no yet carry out the storyline, then the gate is closed for you in the castle. Finish the task right currently will not work. First you require to meet with fallen en Krayt and go with a tiny story line until you space let right into the castle. ~ this, it will be possible to accomplish with the blacksmith. We concerned the quest mark, us see three artisans. One is referred to as the Gunsmith, the second is Bronnik, the 3rd is the Blacksmith. That's specifically the blacksmith us need.

Important! as I stated at the very beginning, this task is connected to one of the cost-free DLCs. Specific - the enhancement of “A set of elite crossbows”. After ~ the assignment, it is likely that Yonn will certainly no longer talk come you and also cooperate in any way. And also to buy the “Skelligsky Crossbow” is no longer possible. Therefore, before you speak to him around the letter, buy everything you want. Or make the save prior to the task. And also besides the crossbow, that sells a set of Skellig armor and horse harness. All this can additionally become unavailable, for this reason it’s far better to destruction up money, buy everything, and then hand in the task. and at this stage of the task, numerous players are confronted with a problem - “I deserve to not provide the letter”, “I deserve to not speak to the blacksmith”, “The task does no work, is no executed”, “The character does not give the letter” or Yonn is just not active. Execute you know such a problem? The thing is in one little hitch that is not mentioned anywhere. There is nothing also in the magazine.

How to give a letter? Yes, really simple. The smith will talk to you just if you come to him after 9 o'clock in the morning. In the evening and at night over there is no blacksmith in ~ the site at all, and also early in the morning he will not want to talk to you. Understandably, the working hours have not yet begun. So just meditate until 9-10 in the morning and the glitch will pass!

Solutions and also consequences

The result of the task relies on your choice and even if it is Yonn will certainly trade through you in the future, or not. We room telling Yonne that us have discovered a letter for him. The following solution options:

You'd much better not know around it - the blacksmith will certainly be angry v the reality that the witcher is trying to feel sorry because that him and is hiding something. Or perhaps it was the witcher himself who robbed the blacksmith's sister and also took the letter? Or did she death her? before the fight will not come, yet where much away that Geralt will send. After ~ that, it will be impossible to trade v Yonn until the end of the game.

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This completes the “Hard Times” side mission. I do not know, this is a cheat of the developers, or a pest that girlfriend can’t talk to a blacksmith till 9 in the morning, however it is as it is. After we have completed the task, naught will adjust - the blacksmith still does not speak v Geralt till 9 in the morning. So, if you visit him again in ~ night - execute not forget come meditate until 9-10 am.