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It s titus chin okay the group goes against their judgement and camps in a city apart. Because there s no zombies around when they wake up the building is on fire who needs this gate kind of feel like i m in some weird anime situation here let s see try this chain does titus chain is horrible leading fire escapes god damn it tires chain i don t know good idea why don t i attempt to fix the pumps tire chain crawl into the tank titus chan that did not work yeah so far having an anime magical girl has not done much no50 gasps that doesn t pop up yeah. There we go little bit shooting training holy shit. I with this weapon.

Oh damn it i can t take it she s got a little magical heart staff and i really want come on kind of fee on this phone. I d love to see somebody gets so much food that they could actually train for that really young stuff gasoline go bad mighty claymore 4 35 food let s get out actually take my ax. I want to buy a sword for training. What excuse me where the hell s my knight s sword die.

Just get your fucking robbed well shit. It s tipped as a dialogue. Too quick. I didn t see what happened and the cars abandoned.

This is blue 20 food getting nothing chum rolls up his sleeves and start sending to their wounds chump tries to help the lacks enough medical supplies. I stay get some free food..

There s my fucking nice sword. Although now we re about dead. So it doesn t really say no matter. Oh hell yeah.

Careful some big ass heavy sword. You re in for it. Now. He s making little anime faces lovely transformed.

It s maybe. It s hide for like the second best of me best humans kiha heart beam. No can you heart beam your way through this don t tell you can and i really need a shotgun fuck your damn magic here s a lot of bullets. I need to shoot our way through here.

Cuz your magic is not doing anything pick that one mahou shoujo the fucking. The blonde. One that pulls our giant guns. You want a real treat one time go to go to youtube and look up what the hell was it just look a magical girl day man.

I m sure they pop up. So we have a good time yeah..

We re just going straight into whatever. This is straight into our desks. Let s get the hell out of here come on characters a different kind of show a lot better than this situation. Let s just give up on the zombie apocalypse go sit down caught rat in a trap spy to my rage.

I m still just a rat in a zombie cage. You know it s white having no health for somehow surviving through this pretty well would you get the hell can t believe senpai is a zombie holy shit. This character is the best lines. I just need to get through still not the end how many rooms does it have to be before i can get out of here.

I have to fight the boss still it s gonna this is gonna be a fucking summon down here i mean ff12 the magical girl dish for one for a sledgehammer when all else fails pick up a bigger weapon nozawa senpai couldn t possibly be this cute oh god hello hello hello. Very touchy feeling i don t much appreciate it come on rifle do your job and shoot through multiple enemies. All it did so at the end trying to keep everybody alive. I m gonna make a damn it i don t care if i make it through the rest of the journey.

I m gonna make it through the sewer this we re always finding this week. Yes wait what no climb out i don t stay there i is it mirrors titus chan s eyes getting bigger every time we see them fitness. Give her eyes are scaring me they re totally getting bigger every time maybe the reset bacon. I dunno it oh my god that s creepy.

I get a joke. It s just they still look really creepy let s go that s top of the car..

Daf cars back yes. Oh we need to go find the keys for dog park no way maybe zombies out of my way i need dog car you can eat the magical girls why is a creep do you know if you only last for so long no get off me. Yes. Sir soaky s and i might not have to sacrifice quiet.

I don t know why i even went that way of course there d be a bathroom here fuck muscle car go get in a dog car whoa oh my god hold on we re gonna have we re gonna stop em it odd tiniest chance face is melting. I don t know if i want because they re a chick option is it what s this that s that s just quick. We re totally get rid of option because that thing is a monster. I ll enjoy my medical increases but why don t i get healed we got dog car we have a melting please get out of my face you or you know what let the clown in the car.

Why not i already have a creepy team maybe the clown can keep titus chin. Busy so i can play them both with the car cuz. They re scaring. The hell out of me.

Oh god body s melting. Well. He s this atrocity. I mean bravo to them they made a horror game.

And all i needed to do was include that thing you know what you can you can keep her son shame her. I m taking this hatchet..

Though cuz this nice sword is just too damn heavy you clown. You take the nice sword. I believe in you come as i m gay as i get out i m already getting bit. Oh.

What is that i kind of want to see how far i can go just to see how much more she ll get distorted around here are being watson klyman innocence. Fine you already creepy enough. If the clown starts distorting to uh. I m done games getting to silent hill for me.

Oh no no you can t stop me not here not when i m so close to seemed a other disturbing shape. My mission okay i was trying to see if those anyway i could get that shotgun. It apparently not michael i m the guy so this is my crew now a clown and very creepy anime girl with very weird like hopping animation this what is this nightmare apparently she couldn t get in on this side. I think i think she s reached maximum distortion highest chance suddenly explodes wall on the road everything is heavily damaged by flying shards of anime anime girl gets obliterated clown is her clown has hurt again clown ether candy bar clown feels just a little better.

He s still dead well. I now understand what happens when you get two anime and my car has been abandoned. I am so fucked it s that hurts me i can t be killed by that just what was my morale and clown ass clown rolls up her sleeves and starts tending to her wounds clown is oh calms a girl really clown is really terrible to she ends up making things worse clown kills herself trying to fix herself just ” ..

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