It is the 41st Millennium in Sub-Sector Aurelia, a cluster of people on the edge of the Galaxy, and also a battle of epos proportions is around to begin. Ancient races will clash across the planets that period this ar of space, battling for the best of stakes - not just the insurance claim to the land and its bounty, yet the fate of each race.

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DOW II: Exterminatus (Librarian Edition)Mar 1 2021Dawn of war 2: Exterminatus full Version 19 comment

This mode is a revision and balance mod for the original campaigns of Dawn of battle 2 and also Chaos Rising, the adds the librarian to the original campaign, extended...


DoW2 elite 2.9.6 InstallerMay 23 2021Full version 8 comments

Full installer and also changelog for DoW2 Retribution: Elite mode 2.9.6. Does not require previous versions come play.


dow2 elite2.9.5.1 installerOct 19 2020Full variation 9 comment

Full installer and also changelog because that DoW2 Retribution: Elite mod Does not need previous versions to play.


DoW2 elite 2.9.5 InstallerOct 10 2020Full variation

Full installer and changelog because that DoW2 Retribution: Elite mod 2.9.5. Go not need previous versions come play.


dow2 elite 2.9.4 complete installerJul 5 2020Full variation 16 comment

Full installer and also changelog because that DoW2 Retribution: Elite mode 2.9.4. Walk not call for previous versions come play.

boosted Drop price (100%)Feb 3 2020Increased Drop price For DoW 2 project Full variation 3 comments

This version will increase the drop price by about 100%, except for heavy units and mini bosses, which needed a noticeable buff. Little units : 1% => 2...

enhanced Drop price (50%)Feb 3 2020Increased Drop rate For DoW 2 campaign Full version

This variation will boost the drop rate by about 50%, except for heavy units and also mini bosses, which required a noticeable buff. Small units : 1% => 1.5...

skill Reset throughout CampaignFeb 3 2020Campaign skill Reset complete Version 4 comment

Updated variation of Simonb321"s "Dawn Of battle II reset ability points throughout campaign" mod, working for both projects of Dawn of battle 2 and Chaos Rising...

your Dudes!Jan 15 2020Your Dudes! full Version

For help installing, there is a Readme within and a connect to a video tutorial in the description!

Max Level 1.0Feb 25 2019Campaign Max Level Increase full Version 9 comment

Ups the max hero level in both the base game, and Chaos increasing to 50

big Squad ModMay 9 2017Big squad Mod full Version 10 comments

Adds much more units to every Cyrus, Avitus, Tarkus, and also Thaddeus squad.I do not know how to use this site really well, so i apologize

SGAReaderFeb 5 2017Archive device 4 comment

SGA reader, can open and extract records not visible by Cope"s Toolbox

FXEditorBETA by BrotherSantosJan 19 2017Graphics tool 2 comments

FX Editor developed by Santos. Enables you produce custom FX files

DoWII ReassignPointsDec 29 2016Dawn Of war II reset skill points during campaign Full version

Extract to her dawn of war 2 folder, then start the game with -modname "ReassignPoints" -dev. Thanks to Pocari, GenericHenchman and Evilbookworm.

Dark heart mod 1.2.6bNov 19 2015Full version 13 comments

things n stuff.. Stuff n things. Added new weapon.. Added more summoning skills for thadius... Much more enemy leaders.

Dark soul mod V1.2.6Nov 16 2015Full version

My many recent additions to my mod.. Started developing enemy squad leaders.. Starting to rework thadius and his skill tree.. Included some much more wargear.

Dark soul mod V1.2.5cNov 14 2015Full version

Ok i am 95% sure i solved the shredder rifle this time.. Additionally fixed more bugs and also tid bits.

Dark heart mod 1.2.5bNov 13 2015Full variation

Brought down some adversaries damage.. Made part wargear more powerfull.. Addressed a couple of bugs... Lowered adversary spawn rate on part missions..made some enemies...

Dark spirit mod V1.2.5Nov 12 2015Full variation

Fixed a major scar error bug.. Solved some fps slowdowns entailing warriors.. Reapers are now killable XD ... Nerfed allied splitters a little..just a...

Dark soul mod V1.2.4Nov 11 2015Full version

Bug fixes.. Balance fixes.. Added more wabbajack events and also a brand-new ammo kind to help resolve the brand-new reaper enemy.. Likewise worked on reapers a tiny bit...

Dark heart mod V1.2.2Nov 9 2015Full version

Added a new enemy kind and weapon and did some balance changes

Dark soul mod V1.2.1Nov 8 2015Full version

As much as i deserve to tell ns fixed every one of the scar errors during defense missions and also i also changed the buggy balrog weapon :P.. This must be a an extremely stable...

Dark spirit mod V1.2Nov 8 2015Full version

bug fixin... Balance fixin.. Included another gun and armor together well!

Dark heart mod v1.1Nov 7 2015Full variation

Update to the dark soul mod.. Solving bugs and also adding much more guns!

Dark spirit mod v1Nov 7 2015Full version

Dawn of battle 2 campaign mod! (requires chaos rising) add to 50+ wargear Adds new enemies Adds random encounters with minibosses,droppods and also zombies Very...

Dawn that Warhammer 40k 2: Warpstorm over AureliaJan 7 2012Dawn the Warhammer 40k 2: Warpstorm end Aurelia other 50 comment

Installation instructions: download to the vapor retribution folder. In the vapor games window, collection the launch properties with: -modname Dow40k2WoA -nomovies...

elite (Experimental Balance Mod)May 18 2011Full variation

A DoW2 modification that experiments and strives to do the video game overall much more enjoyable, without straying away to much from the formula the the original...

space Hulk mod 1.3.1 for Retribution ONLYApr 8 2011Space Hulk Mod full Version 14 comments

The complete version the the mod for Dawn of war 2 Retribution ONLY. Check out the download list if girlfriend don"t have Retribution.

room Hulk mode 1.3.1 because that DoW2/CR ONLYApr 8 2011Space Hulk Mod complete Version 1 comment

The full version that the mod for Dawn of battle 2 and also Dawn of war 2 - Chaos rising ONLY. That is much much better to download the Retribution version if friend have...

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