The most an effective tribals in the American Southwest are the fear Daughters that Hecate and also their slave tribe, the Vipers.Led by one aging, perhaps insane woman of fearsome presence, the masked Daughters of Hecate collect tribute from virtually all various other tribes in the areas they control.Failure to follow the mandates that Hecate regularly results in crop failure, bad hunting, disease, and barren wombs. Since the Fallout: brand-new Vegas video game engine is largely the same as that provided for fallout 3, watch the advanced Tweaking section of the autumn 3 Tweak guide for complete details of a selection of.ini variables and console regulates which you deserve to utilize to further customize and optimize Fallout: brand-new Vegas. Having problems with NV » sun Feb 16, 2014 12:20 to be So a few things, I"m having actually trouble with the Readius pipboy replacer, it opens up for a bit roughly five minutes or so, then it has actually a empty white box in my hand.

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JP"s FALLOUT brand-new VEGAS mod LIST (MassyCraft top top Nexus)-. = May affect perfomance top top low-end PC. = Adult contentPERFORMANCE/UTILITY MODS-#14GB Fallout new Vegas - loads Fallout new Vegas v a bigger memory address space allowing for much more mods and less crashes. Invalidation - necessary program come generate record required to permit texture mods to occupational correctly. Vegas script Extender (NVSE)- Essential resource allowing for lot more complex mods involving scripts. D3d9 Perfomance settle - amendment Directx application expansion to help versus problems through NVidia graphics processors. Innovation MODS-#5Enhanced Shaders ENB.

Custom ENB preset including visual results such together DoF, sunlight rays, SSAO & dynamic shadows (Combination of amplified Shaders & Rudy).ENB. Tradition ENB preset including visual impacts such as DoF, sunlight rays, SSAO & dynamic shadows (Combination of enhanced Shaders & Rudy).Essential visual Enhancements.- Adds plenty of detailed particle effects, explosions and also energy weapon criticals. NV - clears the orange colour color that overlays the vanilla game. Imaginator - an in-game device for intuitive adjustment and changing colour, contrast and effect settings on-the-fly. Huge Texture Pack.

Improves the texture top quality of numerous in-game structure (Combination the EWI, NMC & Poco Bueno mods). Structure Pack. Enhances the texture top quality of numerous in-game textures (Combination that EWI, NMC & Poco Bueno mods). Bueno texture Pack. Enhances the texture top quality of many in-game structure (Combination of EWI, NMC & Poco Bueno mods).

Retexture Project. Substantially improves the structure of many vanilla weapons.

Clothing HiRes. Retextures over 100 piece of vanilla clothing and also armor with higher quality textures. Chems and Health - boosts the structure of every health and also drug objects.

Ghoul Retexture - boosts the texture top quality of feral ghouls. Personality Overhaul. Massively boosts the realism of face textures for every in-game human and also ghoul character. Masculine Body - realistic and an ext detailed replacer because that the default male body.

Type3 female Body. Reality and an ext detailed replacer for the default mrs body. Delight. To add 4 brand-new female races through extra customisation alternatives for hair, eyes and make-up.

Pack add to - add to a selection of hair and also eyes to provide greater diversity in personality creation. New Vegas - Adds functioning eyelashes to human characters. Prostitutes. Redesigns the prostitute outfits to fit the Type3 woman body and also male human body mods. Sleepwear for Type3. Transforms the sexy sleepwear outfit come fit the Type3 female body. Clothing.


Replaces mrs clothing and armour come fit the Type3 female human body mod. Seam Concealer - adds necklaces and also chains for the player to wear to hide the character"s ugly neck seam. Necklaces - to add necklaces and also neck chains to every human character, i beg your pardon conceals ugly neck seams. Better New key Menu - brand-new textures for the key menu background and text with improved quality.


Burned guy - greatly improved burn and bandage textures for Joshua Graham aka the burned man. MODS-#31Enhanced Camera - intensified first-person camera permitting you come look down at your very own body and feet, as well as adding player shadow.

Alternative start - allows you to develop a lore-based custom character and also roleplay indigenous a new starting location instead of Gooodsprings. Nevada - large gameplay overhaul adding features like sprint, it is provided stealth/night vision, bionic implants, brand-new equipment and also more. Add to hundreds of new streetlamps, illuminated signs, barrel fires and other lights all over the wasteland. Flora overhaul - Adds over 100 different plants and also trees transparent the wasteland and also replaces vanilla trees with greater detail models. Freeside.

Big development to Freeside, adding new casinos, buildings, lights and signs to fit the las Vegas theme. 22 Flora Overhaul. Add to much more overgrown flora to Vault 22 come fit the template of plantlife infestation. Mods broadened - adds many much more weapon mode to existing weapons in addition to enhancing weapon mod crafting, booty and merchant availability. Perks per Level - enables the player to pick 2 perks every time they level up, permitting the personality to experience much more perks in the game. Perks/Traits - adds a good number of new and interesting perks and also traits to the game. Perks - instantly grants the player particular perks together their ability levels increase.

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Perks - Adds perks with little effects to her character relying on your existing karma level. Vegas restoration - Cleans increase debris, trash and also rubble native the Strip, making the look choose the high value gambling area the is expected to be. Expansion Program - adds fences and also many an ext guard NPCs come the military areas of Camp Golf and also Camp McCarran. Adds a large amount of content with various battles between factions throughout the wasteland, in addition to brand-new locations. Amendment Combat worths - Improves adversary AI in combat so that they crouch and also aim much more accurately and also reposition in addition to fleeing. For Weapon mode - permits you to develop weapon mods at a workbench making use of spare parts and also scrap.

Sexual Innuendo. Adds sex scenes and also interactions between NPCs and for prostitute in areas such together the Gomorrah brothel. Animation Replacers - alters the computer animation of rifles and also pistols come be an ext realistic.

Pip-Boy 2500 - replace instead instead the wrist-mounted Pip-Boy 3000 through a standard handheld version. Contents MODS-#51Monster mod - Adds end 100 fully new and unique creatures to the wasteland. Mod: Wasteland execution - Add-on for the Monster mod adding more unique enemies with different sounds and also sizes, and faction and also boss creatures. Mod: Rebalanced Levelled Lists- Modifies the Monster mod so the creatures spawn according to player level and also at a more realistic spawn rate. Of Ares - to add a new Ares futuristic robot race through specialised traits and also perks. The lucky 38 - permits you come manage and also run the lucky 38 Casino with options to increase rooms, rental staff and manage patrons. Cars.

Fallout new Vegas Android

Adds buyable and drivable cars come the video game which operation on fuel and also take damage, with numerous fuel/repair station on the roads. Bots NV - permits you to build robot companions from preventive parts and also scrap electronics, in ~ a workshop in Goodsprings. Defence - to add discoverable plans for creating a ft with guards, turrets, robots and much more to defend versus raids and also attacks. The Horrors - add to a non-quest connected horror-based survival/exploration dungeon inside a mansion, with outstanding scenes and also effects. MODS-#60Ultimate Invisible wall Remover - Disables and removes all non-ploblematic invisible wall surfaces from the game, allowing for less obstructed travel. Action ED-E - prevents the hovering robot companion ED-E from setting off floor-based traps and mines.

Weapon Textures settle - small improvements come first-person textures of Old world Blues weapons. Radii Headgear present Hair - small change come the Old civilization Blues Radii headgear allowing hair to present whilst attract it. Stealth suit MKII rate Fix- Fixes a bug so that the upgraded sneak speed bonus is actually appplied.

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Stealth suit MKII Module - changes the Stealth fit MKII so that it is invisible and can be worn under other armours, acting together an update module.