There to be server maintenance done come the game around 2 job ago. I gave my girlfriend mine copy of Dark Souls 3 due to the fact that I likewise had a digital version and I plan on help her with the start area but ever time she tries come summon me it states failed to sign up with session. We have tried the following things come no avail:

Restart either XboxRestart one of two people routerChange covenant Move summon sign.

We likewise tried to watch if I might summon her and for me her sign won"t also pop up.

A couple of next notes, we space both able to summon other human being with ease, and we are able to it is in in every others parties.

Our setting are:

Cross-region play: Matchmaking ~ above Password Matching: death Summon authorize visibility: Unrestricted Voice chat: permitted Player surname Display: Gamertag beginning Setting: beat Online.

EDIT: i tried come play v her on another console and it let us play together.

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Some points to check:

Make sure that you are enkindled.Double inspect you password - passwords are situation sensitive. So for example if you space using "DOOM", and also she is making use of "Doom", they will not enhance up.

Also, just to clarify, your commitment does not have actually any affect on your connection. Additionally, if you room in a "busy" area (e.g. In a usual PvP spot), it could take longer to affix properly.

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