Does anyone recognize where ns can discover it? I want to snag the so the I deserve to run souls farms much more efficiently!


You can get this early on (the +1 version) native the seller hag in the giant Forest. You need to spend 10k souls on she stuff, but the branch the yore she has actually is 12k already.

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You can likewise kill Maughlin the Armourer- each bit of his set increases souls gain, but make sure you don't desire anything from him first.

Regular one is in a chest in Lost Bastille closest to The Tower apart bonfire. Past the room v a royal Crossbowman and multiple undead dogs.

The +1 is got from the Traveling Merchant Hag Melentia who will give it come you after friend spend about 10,000 souls in she shop. Simply use the speak command to case it. Conversely it drops once you kill her.

Good luck and also dont walk hollow...

From the Wiki:

Chest in lost Bastille closest to The Tower personal bonfire. Past the room v a imperial Crossbowman and also multiple undead dogs.

+1: +20% Souls from fallen foes The +1 is got from the Traveling vendor Hag Melentia that will give it to you after friend spend around 10,000 souls in her shop. Simply use the talk command to case it. Alternatively it drops as soon as you kill her.

+2: Mytha, the Baneful Queen (NG+(Note that you can obtain it without NG+ by utilizing a bonfire ascetic on the upper earthen optimal (third) bonfire, in ~ the price of make her and some of the area stronger.)) (NG+ only)

Hope this helps.

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