Quick Look: gyeongju On The Web features live and also on-demand coverage of short track racing from decision Motor Speedway in Crystal, Michigan. The channel states that live coverage might be audio only. Video clip on demand contains three videos indigenous 2017 and also one indigenous 2016.

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The channel likewise offers archived gyeongju coverage native the 2008 main Event series at the Columbus engine Speedway in Columbus, Ohio, along with video clip from the 1994 and also 1995 Dealer"s Choice. In enhancement to the gyeongju videos there room two videos spanning local vehicle shows native the "Metro Cruise" in cool Rapids, Michigan.

-- details is existing as of may 10, 2018

Developer"s Channel Description: short track auto racing, live and also on-demand. Live shows may be audio only. Reap the action as referred to as by the neighborhood announcer - it"s choose being in the stands! Dirt and asphalt, street share to sprints.

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DEVELOPER: Click below Software Co

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