Criminal mental Season 13 episode 2 Review: to a far better Place

It started innocently enough, with Reid shoot up the practice range. There to be obviously part rage there, yet it"s as an excellent a place as any type of to vent it.

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Then he gained the word that he had been reinstated, through one huge condition.

For every 3 months that work, he needs to take a month off. But that will be productive time, together Prentiss has arranged for him to give seminars on...whatever the wants.

It"s an elegant solution, allowing Reid to channel the big mind in a constructive means rather 보다 him dwelling on what"s happened to the in the current past.

Does that median Reid is cured? No, of food not. However he tackled himself in a dangerous situation, making use of his indigenous to speak William down rather of taking the easy method out and also shooting him. There are still walking to it is in hiccups along the way.

The writers make the none-too-subtle connection in between Reid and also William, the unsub. Both had their mother leave them, and also it transforms out, both mother didn"t execute so voluntarily.

William"s mom was killed by his grandmother, which scarred him more than everyone knew, and Reid"s mother started to shed her mind many thanks to Alzheimer"s.

So to be Reid functioning from a place of empathy when he talked under William? I"d prefer to think so. However then, he"s going to try to reach any type of unsub yet he can.


The episode additionally celebrated the BAU"s newbie, Matt Simmons, who had actually yet had a possibility to present what he can do. Based upon the anemic ratings for the exciting Criminal Minds: past Borders, he might be unfamiliar come Criminal mental viewers.

So what walk Matt lug to the BAU, beyond the capability to move big stacks of boxes? Well, based upon the little sampling, it"s a small early to tell. 

Like JJ, he has a family and a life external the BAU, place him amongst the minority for the unit. He appears to speak the slang well enough, yet I don"t expect him come be top discussions anytime soon. He"s emotion his means now as he rightly must be.


He appears to have actually a great deal of overlap v Alves, as the intelligent, ethnic hunks. The Derek Morgan casts a huge shadow. Why, Derek even seemed come appear in commercials throughout the broadcast.

Is the an upgrade on Stephen Walker, who he is replacing? That"s tough to say because Walker wasn"t about long sufficient for viewers to acquire to recognize him well. Matt currently has had more screen than Walker, as soon as you consider the last 2 seasons.

The case of the mainly wasn"t horribly inventive, other than utilizing old suitcases come send the women packing. A psycho listening to a dead, female authority figure"s voice goes earlier to Norman Bates. ~ all, us all walk a little mad sometimes.

The twist to be the victim"s desire to assist the sensitive, damaged unsub heal. I guess that simply didn"t job-related out for them.

And frankly, what to be Helen thinking? The guy wants to take it her home to satisfy his grandmother even prior to their first date. He"s an unemployment barista. Run, Helen, run!

After 45 minutes of team deductive reasoning, together usual, Garcia pulled the systems out of her computer, giving Reid the opportunity for a confidence-boosting save.

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Frankly, after ~ the Mr. Scrape denouement, it all felt a small meh. A damaged young man and also a figment the his creative thinking didn"t really job the necessary degree of menace.