Study French in the love of Paris.

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The Cours de Civilisation Française de La Sorbonne (CCFS) was founded in 1919 and is located in the prestigious Montparnasse community of Paris. As an independent educational institution dedicated to French language instruction and the promo of French culture, CCFS has actually designed program for international students who seek an extensive French Language immersion experience. Courses space taught by highly-qualified instructors, that employ innovative techniques to help students increase their grasp of the French language and to deepen their knowledge of French culture.

U.S. School that RecordSt. Norbert university (WI)

Language that InstructionFrench immersion

ClassmatesWide mix of worldwide students


An role play French Language endure for students at every levels.CCFS enjoys an global reputation for excellence in French instruction.Located in the love of Paris, CCFS invites college student to suffer the wealth of French culture.

Through a mix of intensive classroom work and also language laboratory techniques, students gain proficiency in all areas of French grammar, as well as gaining to trust in oral and written expression. Language classes are kept small, to ensure each college student receives preferably benefit. CCFS student can additionally extend their language immersion endure by attending lectures focused on various aspects of French culture.






Student Life at CCFS

The global student human body at CCFS services from small class sizes and also one-on-one fist from instructors. In addition, extensive work in the phonetics labs helps students make rapid development in both grammar and also practical applications the the French language. World lectures are taught by experts in the field and are gift in French, to help students perfect their oral comprehension. In all academic settings, CCFS areas a premium on communication as a prime vehicle for learning.

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SAI is dedicated to providing academic and cultural learning experiences overseas that enhance an international awareness, professional advance and social responsibility. We concentrate our program in Europe, v a focus on thorough learning that individual europe countries and also their unique an international role in the political geography economy, humanities, and in the arts.