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By Kristine Steimer
Cooking Mama is one of the ideal selling franchises on the Nintendo DS, and for good reason -- this video game caters perfectly to the casual market. Basically a mini-game compilation, this location loosely concentrates on food preparation simulation, yet don't mean to come to be a better chef by play it. If you're looking come learn exactly how to actually chef you should check out an individual Trainer: Cooking. However, if want something with a quirky personality, shot out cooking Mama.

for newcomers to the franchise, the game is simple: recipes are separated up right into steps -- the number varies depending upon which dish you choose -- and also each step has actually its very own respective min game that utilizes the touch screen to accompany it. Finish the mini gamings successfully and also you'll have actually a tasty meal. Failure however, and you'll have actually a really angry Mama to transaction with. This time around, there room five different game modes to select from -- cook with Mama, Let's Cook, Let's Match, Let's Shop and also Cooking contest -- but a majority of them are similar. food preparation with Mama is basically favor training mode. You can practice exactly how to make points properly, and also no matter just how badly you chaos up, you'll constantly make it come the end. There space 80 meals this time, and also completing a cooking recipes earns a brand-new one for your repertoire, despite your skill. Food preparation without Mama, and Let's cook are much less forgiving -- make enough mistakes and you'll have to restart the totality thing. Succeeding in Let's chef garners more playable characters, however using a different person doesn't adjust anything. Need to you perform incredibly well in one of two people mode, you'll knife a bonus. Earn 5 bonuses and you get things -- different clothing for Mama or sticker labels to placed in your diary.


Let's Shop is the just brand spatula-spankin' brand-new offering. Rather of questioning you come prepare food, Mama jobs you v acquiring details ingredients indigenous the grocery store store. Appears simple, but this mode has really strategic angle. When you're actually in the store, you need to dodge other shoppers, moms with babies and sample salesmen, every while keeping an eye top top the ticking clock. Need to you accidentally run right into someone, you'll must successfully complete a mini game particular to that human being -- i.e. Pacifying a mother's screaming kid or eating every one of the complimentary sample food. If you lose the game, a heart is eliminated from her heart meter. Shed all her hearts, and also you're sent house to a disappointed Mama. The problem with Let's Shop is that there are only four different shopping challenges. Shopping is an addictive and an overwhelming addition to the series, so it's a shame the there isn't an ext of it. cooking Contest is also new, but it's broken. While you can an obstacle yourself (how funny does that sound?) the exciting multiplayer aspect doesn't work. Theoretically, you can challenge your friends come a chef off, yet despite make the efforts it v several various DS's, the game failed to attach up. Us were maybe to carry a demo native one DS come the other, therefore the devices were connecting, just not through the multiplayer. A couple of other modes exist -- Let's acquire Fancy, adjust and also Write in Diary -- which space meant to customize and also extend your experience, yet they fall a bit flat. It's fun to dress up Mama, yet the diary mode is very bland. Overall, food preparation Mama's greatest drawback is its repetitive nature. There may be 80 recipes come unlock, but between practicing, cooking with Mama and also cooking together a different character, you'll end up producing the exact same dishes number of times. Unfortunately, even with an increased challenge level, the jobs aren't engaging sufficient to beat over and over.

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Cooking Mama 3 it is provided the exact same gameplay as the previous two titles, and while the enhancement of Let’s Shop is welcome, it’s too quick to boost the game as a whole. If you’re a cooking Mama veteran, you might find the formula tiring by now. But if you’ve never ever experienced the before, this will carry out hours that effortless, residence cooked fun.