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Hello males Manou_54 here ns was having difficulties whit connecting come the servers . When try to log in right into a server ( In every solitary mod fill ) that kicks me out since of Fatally lacking Blocks and Items Error . Ns tried come redownloadmod packs (latest version) exact same , enabled the forced mods ... Very same , Redownloaded Java ... Same , expanded the ram size ... Very same , Reseted FTB launcher ... SameAND I"M ailing OF it (I wasted 7 Hours)So if girlfriend guys assist me around this concern i will be so happy .Things that could be advantageous from you males :1-Your Javas Version2-Some knowledge3-FML support4-And principles that can fix this problem Manou_54
Fatally absent blocks is mods which are consisted of on the server i beg your pardon you have not or mode which room a various version come the people you space using.What you should do is discover out what DW20 variation the server(s) space on and also match it.
Hello males Manou_54 below I to be having troubles whit connecting to the servers . When shot to log in in right into a server ( In every solitary mod pack ) that kicks me out since of Fatally missing Blocks and Items Error . I tried to redownloadmod packs (latest version) very same , allowed the compelled mods ... Exact same , Redownloaded Java ... Exact same , prolonged the ram size ... Exact same , Reseted FTB launcher ... SameAND I"M sick OF that (I wasted 7 Hours)So if you guys assist me about this concern i will certainly be so glad .Things that can be useful from you men :1-Your Javas Version2-Some knowledge3-FML support4-And concepts that can fix this difficulty Manou_54

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i i do not know stand once i see human being answering who never experienced the same situation and assume they do know the issue.Manou_54 is most likely highly and likely using FTB launcher to download the packages so informing him that mode versions problem just a stunner advice in ~ the best.Manou_54 your problem is causing since of your windows language is no utf-8 or something.try with an English windows OS and you"ll be able to join it. I"ve wasted soooo numerous times top top this. Simply don"t wanna see civilization wasting any more time.Again : its simply OS language problem. ( at the very least it was for me , ns am Turkish
) )I had actually opened a thread in here somewhere i can"t really uncover it atm.edit : i"ve found it , it was in support. i likewise tried changing system locale come english. Quiet no luck. Ftb launcher doesnt seem to prefer non-english OS"es