First, around the exam number, 220-1001 is the test number instead of 220-901. The new exam also gets a name and that is core 1.

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A+ being an entry-level certification, it is a rather broader than deep credential. That is to some level stating the noticeable to say the the Exam goals for A+ 220-1001 will certainly aim at reflecting technologies dominant today the were not included, or at the very least not prevalent, in the missions as stated three years ago.

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Here is a perform of object we intend to either see an magnified focus ~ above or to come in as an outright addition to the new A+ 220-1001 test objectives:

– Various species of hardware that assistance cloud technologies– growth of Virtualization– much more varied cell phone devices– an ext on surveillance tools and evaluation of metrics derived from monitoring and tracking tools– Deepening that the knowledge of network accessibility and setup– Sideloaded applications and also management of the process– as cybersecurity is significantly of concern, expect security to accounting an even larger component of the A+ objectives

UPDATE: We now recognize what those changes are for this reason you have the right to take a look below and compare and also see exactly how close us were when we did above “guesstimate”…

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Summary the the most far-reaching changes come A+ 220-1001 core 1 contrasted to the 220-901 exam

Main Domain 1.0 – Mobile tools

Adding or replacing laptop contents like storage or the motherboard have always been covered. Now you’ll likewise need to know how to install and also configure video cards, Bluetooth modules, and also cellular cards. Port replicators have been added but docking stations have not to be dropped, friend will need to recognize both. The USB-C cable / connector specification has actually been added in the mobile category and you will discover it is addressed in the pc sections together well. Understand its capabilities.

Mobile maker synchronization add to a new concept come the existing ones by requiring girlfriend to carry out synchronization with the automobile. Girlfriend will require to understand the connection varieties used as well as the varieties of data. Passwords have been added to the Synch data. Friend will additionally need come know exactly how SSO authentication applies in the mobile environment.

Main Domain 2.0 – Networking

Networking hardware knowledge will now require to include managed and also unmanaged switches in addition to PoE switches. Cloud-based network controllers have additionally been added.

The installation and configuration that IoT devices are brand-new and includes controlled tools like locks, lights, cameras and climate controls. Friend will additionally need to recognize voice-enabled devices prefer digital assistants and smart speakers.

Firewall settings have been broadened to include whitelists and blacklists.

Wireless networking protocols now include RFID, Zigbee, Z-Wave. You will require to understand 3G, 4G, 5G and also LTE cellular protocols.

You will need to understand the properties and purpose the the syslog service ~ above network servers.

IP deal with configuration has been broadened to incorporate IPv6 link-local addresses.

DHCP reservations room new. Understanding of VLAN configuration is now compelled knowledge.

The wireless mesh topology (WMN) is currently included.

Main Domain 3.0 – Hardware

Your hardware cabling and connectors understanding now call for you to be able to identify USB-C, RS-232, and SCSI.

Ram surroundings now consists of DDR4.

Storage maker selection, installation, and configuration have been updated come cover the solid-state SATA 2.5, M2 and NVME.

For magnetic tough drives, the 15,000rpm speed has actually been added

eSATA cards have been added to the install and also configure objective.

New come the uses and purposes of peripheral cards space QR scanners, VR headsets, and also signature pads.

Regarding the install and also configure new devices objective you will need to recognize Application installations/configurations, synchronization settings, and account setup and settings.

3D printers and plastic filament have actually been added to printers. The rest is unchanged from the vault objectives.

Main Domain 4.0 – Virtualization and also Cloud Computing

While cloud ideas have been extended in vault A+ releases the brand-new content focuses additionally on shared resources and also Internal vs. External cloud computing.

Main Domain 5.0 – Hardware and also Network Troubleshooting

The brand-new A+ hardware and troubleshooting goals are largely unchanged. The only exception relates to log in entries. You need to now have the ability to interpret log entries and also error messages and also analyze many failed jobs in the logs.

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Our experience over the year leads us to mean 25% come 35% new content and very tiny old content removed, probably 5 – 10%. Us will upgrade you ~ above this as much more information becomes available.

Beyond over list the topics, we should also expect CompTIA to, through included performance-based questions, add emphasis come the helpful application of knowledge. Sub-objectives that begin with “Given a scenario…” will certainly be indicative the that type of questioning and we have to expect come see more of those in the brand-new A+ objectives. It every comes under to CompTIA’s push, over the last few years, to significantly move from experimentation “knowledge” come measuring “understanding”.

* A+ practice test structure: Exams on top – Drills top top the bottom (each is a CompTIA key Domain)

Should i take the A+ 220-901 now or wait because that the brand-new A+ 220-1001 exam?

First and also foremost you take the version easily accessible at the time you require to get certified, commonly there is no good reason come wait roughly for a future version. The main reason for that is the no matter what A+ variation you sit for, you will certainly be simply as certified for three years native the day of the test irrespective of brand-new vs “old”. Having actually said that, there will certainly be a six months (or more) “grace period” in between the arrival of the new A+ 220-1001 and also the retirement the the A+ 220-901 during which you will certainly actually be able to pick your preference in regards to exam objectives. What have to then guide that choice? The quick answer is: her training. If at the time you have been training because that A+ 220-901, and are ready to pass the test, then without hesitation sit because that the A+ 220-901. The cultivate on 220-901 will not it is in transferable enough to succeed at the A+ 220-1001. That is since a 25 – 30% change in exam objectives will scuttle any chances to gain an 85% or for this reason score that is forced to pass the exam. In this duration your training will be the great consideration. If, top top the other hand throughout this period, you have not specifically trained because that 220-901, then take a long hard look in ~ both test objectives and just pick one you feel the most comfortable with.

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Again, it doesn’t issue if you take place to take the present version a day before its retirement date, you will stay certified and therefore, every CompTIA current, for three years no matter what. An additional reason you may want to take the present version over the next one is that we often have a healthy propensity to choose “the devil we know”… over there is more predictability in committing come A+ 220-901.