High-Volume commercial Cleaning with Lancaster Charm

We’re locally owned and also operated!

Festiva Laundry has been serving Lancaster area businesses due to the fact that 2007. We occupational with clean companies, spas, clinical facilities, hospitality businesses, restaurants, missions, and also other small- come medium-sized businesses. Our fully-staffed, cutting edge laundromat deserve to wash & fold your linens, sheets, uniforms, and also more.So whether you have to drop off a single large order because that an event, or you’d like to schedule a weekly pick up for your company’s linens, we have the right to work v you. Call us now or contact us in ~ 717-390-2020 for a tailored quote for her needs.

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“We own and operate a commercial clean company. Among our clients own a cottage the sleeps 17-20 guests and also we recently took top top the duty of laundering sheets and towels, which have the right to be comprehensive amount that laundry. ~ doing some research study in the area because that drop off choose up wash services, i came throughout Festiva! ns contacted them via email and explained ours situation. Carol was an extremely responsive and also helpful in explaining every little thing in great detail! us dropped off our an initial load of to wash (41lbs); Krystal D helped us, and also she was awesome! once we came in ns noticed she was busy “cleaning” whereby the makers were. Ns waited a small while not to disturb her, yet then i rang the bell. She to be so kind and also helpful the whole time. Super quite lady! So, the customer business was OUTSTANDING and far over what i expected!”

Sheets & Linens

Don’t ship her sheets, robes, and linens to some big company that’s hard to reach. We’ll clean your laundry properly and get it back to girlfriend quickly.Our convenient hours mean ours staff deserve to handle her requests throughout the day. Trust your sheets, linens, robes, and also other textiles to us, and also we’ll make certain they space clean and ready because that the next time.


Uniform Cleaning

You want your employees looking their an extremely best on the job; we want that too! We sell uniform cleaning for clinical offices, business companies, and industrial occupational crews.Whether you need a one-time cleaning or desire to schedule regular pickup and also delivery, we are below to save your team looking sharp.


Special Events

Hosting a special event soon — prefer a bridal shower, infant shower, or family reunion? permit us assist you make sure your linens watch their an extremely best. Drop off her sheets, towels, and tablecloths, and we’ll clean and fold them for you. After ~ the event, send her linens come us and also we will clean them for you, leaving girlfriend one much less thing to worry about.We additionally work with schools, churches, and also theater teams to make sure they have actually clean, fresh linens for their distinct events. Call us to obtain a quote for her commercial wash needs.


Pickup & Delivery

With practically pickup and delivery available in Lancaster City and also its neighboring suburbs, and the personal touch you’ve concerned expect indigenous a locally-owned business, it’s no wonder why small business owners rotate to Festiva for their commercial to wash needs.

Please view the state & conditions for commercial laundry.

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"Love this laundromat! They room large, clean, fine managed. They have actually commercial size machines for your comforters and also blankets! very friendly and also helpful staff."- Christi LeBeau

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Curious about what our solutions will cost? allow us provide you a practice quote.Contact us or call us at 717-390-2020 around commercial wash services.