I have been doing battle with the civilization Builder for the last couple of days, and also noticed that lot of the information out there is outdated. The TZ method for example, deserve to thankfully it is in thrown into the bin at lengthy last. I thought that we could use a new thread to keep track of the present capabilities of the world Builder, and any known pitfalls. If you have any kind of corrections or an ext insights, you re welcome share! i will begin with what i learned from my tests.Recommended editing and enhancing workflowFrom experience, the ideal workflow to follow when editing and enhancing your custom map is the following:Test your mod selection (see "Using mods" and "Testing her mods selection").Create a new map for the target ruleset (see "Rulesets") and also your wanted settings.Edit the terrain in simple mode until you're satisfied through it*.Enable progressed mode.Place down progressed terrain features, choose roads.Set increase Players and also AI civs (see "Configuring Players") with their starting positions.Set up City claims (see "Configuring city states") through their beginning positions.Play her map (see "Playing a tradition map").* This should incorporate goody huts. Adding some after that will reset plenty of of the advanced settings, favor players and city states.TIP: conserve to a new paper with every step, for this reason you have the right to come back if something go wrong. TIP: If you deserve to be bothered, also test the map after each action
RulesetsYou deserve to select any kind of of the rulesets, just keep in mind the the map will only be playable with the selected ruleset.Using modsAs a basic rule, prune under your mods collection to the ceiling minimum. Her map will only be playable with the mods that are allowed when you create your map. Mods have the right to still be enabled as you prefer as soon as you in reality play the map, provided the persons the map needs are present. This means that the is far better to use less mods in any type of case, unless you require assets native the mod, like new resources.Knowing this, the is fine to keep the following: any kind of DLC packages (you'll have the ability to use their assets)Graphical Mods beyond this, the problem is that even if mods work fine through random maps, they can potentially cause errors with custom maps. This is because some of the information they expect to be present is not always available in a custom map. In mine tests, few of the map-related scripts led to errors, and also startup script (Expanded initial Vision because that example).Testing her mods selectionTo test your mods selection, develop a duel map in the human being Builder (will load faster that way). Carry out not make any type of actual transforms to the map. Save it as-is, then shot to start a new game through it - if it lots without errors, you will certainly be fine using those mods in the human being Builder.Playing a tradition mapCreate the map in the builder (do no forget to offer it a surname to identify it by).Go to her mods screen.Enable the mode containing your map.Set up a brand-new game, and select the map in the map selection.Also set the quantity of players and city claims to values supported by the map.Play!Configuring playersThe choice "Any" cannot be selected for the player for some reason; the switches come "Random" automatically. I assume this is a bug, due to the fact that it clearly worked before.Selecting a certain Player civ will still permit selecting a arbitrarily civ rather in the brand-new game setup.Do not modify or eliminate the "Free cities" entry, if there is one (depends ~ above the ruleset).Every civ and city state demands to have actually a starting location.Configuring city statesUsing arbitrarily city states does not work. A specific city state need to be selected, and its starting location set.Only usage vanilla city states: DLC city states will invariably trigger a LUA error on game start.In the new game setup, the quantity of city states need to be collection to much less or same the amount you added in the map.Here's a list of vanilla city says you can choose in the civilization Builder, and also which will not cause any errors:Amsterdam (Commercial)Brussels (Industrial)Buenos Aires (Industrial)Carthage (Militaristic)Geneva (Scientific)Hattusa (Scientific)Hong Kong (Industrial)Jerusalem (Religious)Kabul (Militaristic)Kandy (Religious)Kumasi (Cultural)La Venta (Religious)Lisbon (Commercial)Mohenjo-Daro (Cultural)Nan Madol (Cultural)Preslav (Militaristic)Valletta (Militaristic)Vilnius (Cultural)Yerevan (Religious)Zanzibar (Commercial)More details have the right to be uncovered here: perform of city claims in Civ6Advanced editingAs the popup says when you switch to advanced mode, some locations really room still experimental. In my tests, making use of them broke my map an ext than anything else. Here's what I discovered so far, fiddling about with things.Player and AI cities have the right to be placed consisting of units, yet loading the map again after saving it will not show the urban or units. In their ar is displayed a ar of road, and trying to ar the city anew will say "Placement successful", without any visible effect.Strangely enough, city state cities are restored on load, consisting of their units.Viewing life map dataThe Civ6Map files that the human being Builder conserves are actually SQLite database files. This method they can be viewed and also even edited utilizing an SQLite editor. Personally I usage the complimentary SQLite web browser on Windows. Girlfriend can easily view data and modify it.Possibly needless to say, editing the map manually like this deserve to yield weird results and also even cause errors. I recommend constantly making a back-up of your map document before law this. Still, it have the right to be amazing to see just how a map is collection up.TIP: due to the fact that they are binary files, that is not possible to see a diff of various .Civ6Map files.

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However, utilizing the SQLite Browser, they deserve to be exported as plain text SQL documents to conveniently compare them. I used this technique to track some of the transforms the human being Builder makes.Recovering damaged mapsIf your map is broken, girlfriend can try to recover it by editing the .Civ6Map record directly, since it is basically just a database file.Looking at a pristine map file without any kind of changes (see "Viewing life map data"), the complying with tables room all empty initially:BuildingsCitiesCityAttributesDistrictAttributesDistrictsGameConfigModComponent_ItemsModComponent_PropertiesModComponentsPlayersPlayerAttributesPlotOwnersPlotRoutesRevealedPlotsStartPositionsUnitAttributes