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Book description

Completely revised and updated because that the 2015 CISSP body of knowledge, this brand-new edition by Fernando Maymì continues Shon Harris’s bestselling legacy, offering a substantial overhaul that the content that is the leading chosen resource for CISSP test success, and has make Harris the #1 surname in IT protection certification.

This bestselling self-study guide totally prepares candidates because that the daunting Certified info Systems Security professional exam and also offers 100% coverage of every eight test domains. This edition has been extensively revised come cover the brand-new CISSP 2015 usual Body that Knowledge, including brand-new hot spot and drag and drop question formats, and also more.

Each chapter functions learning objectives, exam tips, exercise questions, and in-depth explanations. Beyond exam prep, the guide likewise serves as an ideal on-the-job recommendation for IT defense professionals. CISSP All-in-One exam Guide, seventh Edition offers real-world insights and also cautions that contact out possibly harmful situations.

Fully updated to cover the 8 brand-new domains in the 2015 CISSP human body of knowledgeWritten through leading professionals in IT defense certification and also trainingFeatures brand-new hot spot and also drag-and-drop concern formatsElectronic content consists of 1400+ updated exercise exam inquiries

Table of contents

chapter 1 Security and also Risk monitoring fundamental Principles of protection protection Frameworks Complexities in Cybercrime pundit Property laws Privacy Data Breaches Policies, Standards, Baselines, Guidelines, and Procedures Risk monitoring threat Modeling hazard Assessment and evaluation Risk administration Frameworks organization Continuity and Disaster recovery Personnel defense Security governance ethics quick Tips thing 2 Asset security info Life bike Information group great of responsibility Retention plans Protecting Privacy Protecting assets Data Leakage Protecting other Assets fast Tips thing 3 Security design Computer architecture Operating equipment mechanism Security design security Models Systems review Certification vs. Accreditation open up vs. Closed equipment distributed System defense A couple of Threats to testimonial Cryptography in paper definition Cryptography Definitions and also Concepts species of Ciphers methods of Encryption types of Symmetric systems types of Asymmetric equipment article Integrity Public an essential Infrastructure an essential Management trusted Platform Module assaults on Cryptography The website Planning procedure Protecting heritage internal Support systems rapid Tips chapter 4 Communication and also Network protection open up Systems Interconnection Reference version TCP/IP design species of infection Cabling Networking structures Networking gadgets urban Area Networks large Area Networks remote Connectivity Wireless Networks Network Encryption Network attacks quick Tips chapter 5 identity and accessibility Management Security principles Identification, Authentication, Authorization, and Accountability access Control Models accessibility Control Techniques and Technologies accessibility Control management access Control approaches Accountability accessibility Control practices access Control security threats to accessibility Control quick Tips thing 6 security Assessment and also Testing Audit tactics Auditing technical Controls Auditing governmental Controls report administration Review fast Tips chapter 7 protection Operations governmental Management Operational obligations Configuration management Physical security Secure resource Provisioning Network and source Availability Preventative steps The incident Management process catastrophe Recovery Recovery and also Restoration investigations Liability and Its effects quick Tips thing 8 Software advancement Security Where carry out We ar Security? Software advance Life cycle Software advance Models integrated Product Team readjust Control Programming Languages and also Concepts Distributed computer Mobile password net Security Database management Malicious software (Malware) fast Tips postposition A considerable Questions postposition B about the Download total Tester Premium exercise Exam software Hotspot and Drag-and-Drop questions Technical assistance

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