Cisco Rosado’s “wife” that he mentions ~ above Love and Hip Hop new Yorkwas Jennifer Williams. She is finest known together Evelyn Lozada’s former finest friend ~ above Basketball Wives. Cisco additionally dated Daryl Strawberry’s daughter, Diamond. She appeared on season 5 of Love and Hip Hop. Cisco’s baby mama, Tasha, make an appearance on season 5 the Love and also Hip Hop.

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On Love and also Hip Hopseason 7, episode 9, “Coo Coo because that Koko” we view Cisco and also Peter Gunz virtually fight each other. Cisco is upset about being kicked out of The Creep Squad.

After practically fighting each other, Cisco pours his heart out to Peter Gunz. Cisco has been acting in different way this season and now we know why. Previously in the season, Cisco tells Mariahlynn the his mother is sick yet he doesn’t provide any added details. Cisco tells Peter that his mom is dying, explaining why he’s been acting various this season.

Cisco Rosado wife Love and also Hip Hop

Here’s a pic the Cisco and also Jennifer Williams. She is currently dating Tim Montgomery indigenous Welcome come Sweetie Pie’s.

Cisco Rosado mam Jennifer Williams

Cisco call Peter out for complaining about his kids and not being thankful that he has actually kids. Cisco then defines that he shed his wife. Jennifer Williams to be his last severe girlfriend so he to be most most likely referring come her.

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That ‘ s What ‘ s up Cisco & Peter comprised 🙌🏽 the Really touched My heart ❤ Never understand What A human being Is Going with . 😩 #AwwCisco #LHHNY
BaddASF_K) January 10, 2017

Cisco airs The Creep formation out. He’s walking through challenging times and all the members the The Creep Squad have actually turned your backs ~ above him. Cisco and Peter share an emotionally hug. It’s good to check out them do up.

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