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According come his website, David Limbaugh graduated from the university of Missouri in 1975 and the college of Missouri law School in 1978. He also served in the Missouri national Guard for 6 years, native 1972 come 1978, according to his biography on the regulation firm’s website.

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He joined the family’s legislation firm in 1978, according to the website, which claims abouthim, “Limbaugh has got a national reputation for his expertise in entertain law, representing many clients in the negotiation of an extensive contracts. He additionally represents businesses and also individuals in the locations of corporate and business law. Mr. Limbaugh is a member that The Missouri Bar.”

4. He Is the author of Several books & gives Speeches roughly the Country

Limbaugh is additionally the writer of several books, according to his website, including, “eight brand-new York Times ideal sellers: The True Jesus, The Emmaus Code, Jesus on Trial, The good Destroyer, Crimes versus Liberty, Bankrupt, Persecution, and Absolute Power.” His many recent book, Jesus Is Risen, to be released in 2018.

According come the Ambassador speaker Bureau, Limbaugh additionally gives speeches approximately the country. The website writes, “David loves come educate and also inform audiences on a wide selection of issues. If your company is handling a present events topic, David can administer the perspective you seek.” The website mirrors he speaks about topics consisting of education, pro-life issues and also political issues.

5. David Limbaugh & His Wife, Lisa Limbaugh have actually 5 Children

David Limbaugh lives in his native Cape Girardeau, Missouri, through his wife, Lisa Limbaugh. They have five children together.

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His daughter, Christen Limbaugh Bloom, is a Christian blogger and has created for Fox News, according to her biography on the news site.

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