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Eminem - Marshall Mathers doyourpartparks.orgNew youngsters on the Block, sucked a many of penis Boy/girl teams make me sick and I can"t wait "til I catch all you faggots in public I"ma love it.. (hahaha) Vanilla ice cream don"t prefer me (uh-uh) stated some shit in Vibe to spite me (yup) then went and dyed his hair as with me (hehe) A bunch of small kids wanna swear just like me and also run approximately ...
LFO - Summer girls doyourpartparks.orgNew children On The Block had actually a bunch of hits Chinese food makes me sick and I think it"s fly when girls avoid by because that the summer, because that the summer. I prefer girls the wear Abercrombie and also Fitch I"d take she if I had one wish but she"s been gone since that summer, because that summer. In the summertime girls gained it goin" top top Shake and also wiggle come a hip hop song
LFO - Summer girls doyourpartparks.orgNew kids On The block,had a bunch of hits Chinese food renders me sick. And I think it"s fly when girls protect against by for the summer,for the summer I choose girls the wear Abercrombie and also Fitch, I"d take her if I had actually one wish, however she"s been gone because that summer.. Because that summer Cherry Pez,cold crush,rock star boogie
C-MURDER - COME ROLL v ME doyourpartparks.orgGet me, you pussy; that"s chinese happiness Gonna it is in cookie all over when this cat fulfill with me my wrath dark, bath salts, thinking he mad smart My shop right, I obtained a at sight marketing plan, his path significant Mook, girlfriend couldn"t light in my battle boots my son need food for his mind, I"m that he speak to They obtained me feeling favor the male when i walk through
Quadeca - 30,000 Word laboratory Song! doyourpartparks.orgFor the sick kids I acquired time possibly a small too much of it yet you know that I"m trying to relocate up a bit people look in ~ me and also say my potential has gained a huge Man I"m love it so far candle me with cooktop Mitts secret bless if you discovered it though so unique I gained so much to perform don"t like any other boy hey Yo what you say no yes it"s fairly I
Ne-Yo - miss out on Independent doyourpartparks.orgI look in ~ her and also it renders me proud There"s something around her Something oh so sexy around The type of woman that don"t even need my aid She stated she gained it she gained it no doubt, There"s something around her "Cause she occupational like a boss Play prefer a ceo Car and a crib she "bout to pay "em both off and also the bills room paid on time She made for a ...
Metro station - Married In las vegas doyourpartparks.orgMetro station "Married In Vegas": She"s so, so all set We"ve to be going steady She desires to take it come the following step Red lips, champagne...
Nicki Minaj - Starships doyourpartparks.orgBad bitches like me, is difficult to come through The Patrón, own, let"s go get it on The zone, own, yes I"m in the zone Is that two, three, leave a good tip I"ma punch all mine money and also don"t offer two shits I"m on the floor, floor ns love to run So provide me more, more "Til ns can"t stand get on the floor, floor favor it"s your last chance If you desire more, more
HIP HOP/RAP MUSIC doyourpartparks.orgNew version of Kanye’s ‘I Thought around Killing You’ Uploaded with altered Black thought Addresses Ghostwriters in hot 97 Interview MC Bugg Z returns to Squash Ticks and Lyme Disease
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Eminem - 8 Mile (O.S.T.) doyourpartparks.orgCHORUS wanna it is in me, friend cant, you faggot, you bitch, you society coward, girlfriend clown, you simply wanna it is in down, so girlfriend wanna be me, you bitch, you phony, you clone me, you wanna be me son, i"m the one and only, but you, wanna be me, you suckers, friend weak, you flunky"s, friend fake, you could"nt come close on my worst day, yet you wanna it is in me, i"ll burn ...
Daylyt vs Shotty Horroh - UW battle LeagueListen, Day. Shoot in ~ me and I"ll move at a quicker pace and slip far so the cartridge ricochets and also hits your challenge Tissue scraped. Offer your mouth the 50 shape "Fore your teeth chip and break What I"m speak is if friend leave that bulletin It"ll follow back regardless the a Twitter web page You shot to be different, however in a various way.

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(scripts) Monty Python"s The definition Of Life doyourpartparks.orgSecond Fish: renders you think doesn"t it? fourth Fish: i mean... What"s it every about? fifth Fish: to win me. Why room we here, what is life every about? Is God really real, or is there some doubt? Well this evening we"re walking to type it every out, For this evening it"s the definition of Life. What"s the suggest of all these hoax?
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