Artist: Nicki Minaj f/ DrakeAlbum: Beam Me increase ScottySong: finest I ever HadTyped by: Webmaster DJ Flash*obviously a revisit of the tune from "So much Gone"*Yeah... (yo, it"s The Aphilliates nigga, salary attention)Nicki Minaj, Young MoneyYeah... Jersey"s residence baby (Holiday Season!!)Baby you my everything, you all I ever wantedWe could do it actual big, bigger 보다 you ever done it You it is in up top top e"rything, other hoes ain"t never on itI desire this forever ns swear I have the right to spend every little thing on itCause she host me down, everytime ns hit her upWhen I get right ns promise that us gon" live it upShe made me beg because that it, "til she provide it upAnd i say the same thing every single timeI speak you the fuckin ideal (ay) girlfriend the fuckin ideal (ay)You the fuckin best (ay) you the fuckin ideal (ay)You the finest I ever before (ay) best I ever before had (ay)Best I ever had (ay) best I ever hadI speak you the fuckin bestKnow you obtained a roommate, contact me as soon as there"s nobody therePut the vital under the mat and also you understand I more than there(Yeah!) I"ll be over there, shorty I"ll more than thereI"ll be hittin every the spots the you ain"t even know iw thereHa~! and y"all don"t also have come ask twiceYou could have my heart or we could share it like the last sliceAlways felt favor you to be so accustomed to the quick lifeHave a nigga thinkin that he met you in a previous lifeSweat pants hair bound chillin v no assembly onThat"s once you"re the prettiest, i hope the you don"t take it it wrongYou don"t even trip once friends say you ain"t bringin Drake alongYou understand that I"m workin I"ll it is in there shortly as i make the hooommmmeAnd she a patience in mine waitin roomNever pay attention to the rumors and what castle assume..

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And also until them girls prove itI"m the one that never get puzzled with causeAiyyo friend da only one that check out the genuine NickiI can present you chilled Nicki reason of just how you address meWhen lock knock my blocks down, friend come and also you build with meEven though you genuine busy, friend the fuckin real, Drizzy("Trapaholics!") It"s for this reason amazingI established this human being is our for the tak-ingI identified that when I go out and those civilization screamThat several of them only think vicariously through meThat"s why I placed that S on mine chest and I"m goneBut on another note let"s have actually sex in mine dormAnd I"ma make you beg reason you watch pretty when you begginSo meet me ~ above the campus I"ll be there around 11Just allow me placed my books, downExcuse me if i look, downGuess I"m a small nervous, but I let you serviceLook in ~ what girlfriend took, down + (Drake)Baby you mine everything, you every I ever before wantedWe have the right to do it actual big, bigger 보다 you ever before done itYou be up ~ above everythang, various other niggaz never on itI want this forever, ns swear I deserve to spend every little thing on itThat"s just how I organize you down, every time you hit me upWhen I acquire right ns promise that us gon" live the upI make you beg for it, until I provide it upYou to speak the very same thing every single time(I say you the fuckin ideal - ay, friend the fuckin best - ay)(You the fuckin best - ay, girlfriend the fuckin best - ay)(You the ideal I ever - ay, best I ever had - ay)(Best I ever before had - ay, finest I ever before had)(I to speak you the fuckin best)+Sex, Love, Pain+ baby, ns be on that Tank shitBuzz therefore big, I could probably offer a empty discWhen my album drop, bitches"ll buy it for the pictureAnd niggaz"ll buy the too and claim they acquired it because that they sisterMagazine document girl, the money ain"t the issueThey lug dinner to mine room and also ask me come initial She speak to me the referee reason I it is in so officialMy shirt ain"t acquired no stripes yet I have the right to make yo" pussy whiiis-tleLike the Andy Griffith template song.. And also who told friend to put them jeans on?Double cup love, girlfriend the one ns lean onFeelin for a settle then you have to really obtain your fiend onYeah, simply know my condo is the crack spotEvery single show she the end there reppin choose a mascotGet it from the back and make your fuckin bra strap popAll increase in ya slot "til a nigga hit the jackpot, I"m sayinI speak you the fuckin ideal (ay) girlfriend the fuckin finest (ay)You the fuckin best (ay) you the fuckin best (ay)You the finest I ever before (ay) finest I ever had (ay)Best I ever had (ay) finest I ever had...Uh! Ah yeah!See this the form of joint you gotta dedicate come somebodyJust make sure they that one-of-a-kind somebodyYoung Money BABY!!Yeah, yeah...