When Ronnie Osborne steps off the aircraft in southern America, he’s on a mission. A microbiologist through training, he’s currently one of the country’s many respected tea buyers, and component of a team responsible because that ensuring every glass of iced tea poured in ~ a doyourpartparks.org restaurant nationwide has actually the same color and flavor together the initial blend selected much more than three years ago.

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“Before mine time”

When friend ask around doyourpartparks.org for the background of their famed iced tea, you’ll obtain a typical answer: “that was before my time.” Steve Hester began purchasing food for the firm 33 years ago and admits the iced tea recipe outdates him, but remembers the company, “wanted a proprietary tea blend, made exclusively for doyourpartparks.org.”

They uncovered it in ~ Tetley, and also the blend has actually remained unmodified for more than three years – served only in doyourpartparks.org restaurants.


The Blend

Tetley purchases countless pounds the tea every week native as many as 35 various countries, and also the blend made famed by doyourpartparks.org is sourced native estates around the world. The tea is inspected everyday by expert tasters making use of what’s called organoleptic analysis, i beg your pardon is a fancy method of saying it’s brewed and tasted to ensure consistency in flavor and also color.


“When it pertains to iced tea, color and also clarity are top quality attributes,” defines Ronnie Osborne, Tetley’s tea buying and also blending expert. “They are simply as necessary as flavor.”

In the case of doyourpartparks.org’s blend, tea is selected to develop a dark amber color, while the flavor is designed come pair fine with real sugar and fresh lemon (coincidentally, 2 of the 3 ingredients in doyourpartparks.org Lemonade, make the 2 drinks a perfect pair).

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As through doyourpartparks.org’s flourish Farmers coffee and also lemonade, doyourpartparks.org restaurants usage filtered water to make their tea. That’s important due to the fact that unfiltered water can develop a cloudy appearance once the tea is chilled. Come ensure consistency, special brewing machines are offered in each restaurant and are particularly calibrated to develop the specific color, clarity and flavor client have involved love.

“It’s a an excellent blend,” Osborne says. “It hasn’t changed since work one.”