Mr. Wonka remarks that all the kids are disappearing,but no one should worry due to the fact that they will all it is in fine. That sizesup the continuing to be group and suggests relocating on. Mike Teavee sayshe is tired and wants to watch television. Mr. Wonka replies thatsince Mike is tired, they have to all take the elevator. The leadsthem right into an elevator with a thousands buttons ~ above each wall surface and theceiling. Charlie notices that each switch is labeled with a roomname. Mr. Wonka defines that the elevator can travel in any kind of directionand the it is made totally of glass to permit for complete viewing.Grandpa Joe reacts in wonder. Mike Teavee states there is nothingto see. Mr. Wonka speak the youngsters to rush up and also pick a button.Mike asks if there is a tv room. Mr. Wonka points to theTELEVISION ROOM button and Mike pushes it gleefully. The elevatortakes off sideways, knocking end everyone except Mr. Wonka. Mr.Wonka help a screaming Mrs. Teavee to her feet and also instructs everyoneto host onto a strap. Charlie can not reach and so that holds tightto Grandpa Joe’s legs. Mrs. Teavee fear the rollercoaster ridemeans the elevator is broken, yet Mr. Wonka tells her to relax.Grandpa Joe checks to watch if Charlie is every right, and also Charlie respondsthat the loves the ride.

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Mrs. Teavee says she is walk to be sick, for this reason Mr. Wonkagives she his hat. Mike Teavee tells Mr. Wonka to prevent the elevator.He defines that it will certainly not stop until the reaches the destinationand then wonders out according to if anyone rather is using the elevator shaftfrom the other direction. This horrifies the Teavees. Mr. Wonkasays lock are virtually at their destination and asks Mrs. Teavee notto soil his hat. A moment later the elevator stops. Mike Teaveewipes the sweat from his face and Mrs. Teavee refuses to ever ridethe elevator again. As they exit, Mr. Wonka alerts everyone come bevery mindful in the tv room.

The group exits the elevator and also steps into a blindinglywhite room. Mr. Wonka hands the end dark glasses and also tells everyoneto wear lock at every times. Protected by the glasses, Charlie looksaround and sees a lengthy white room. It is bare except for a cameraat one end, i m sorry is surrounding by an military of Oompa-Loompas, anda television set at the various other end, which is manned by a solitary Oompa-Loompa.The Oompa-Loompas near the camera wear spacesuits. Mr. Wonka excitedlyexplains that the room is for trial and error television chocolate. WhenMike Teavee asks what television coco is, Mr. Wonka demandsthat he avoid interrupting. Mr. Wonka thinks that television is bad,but in little doses it deserve to be okay. He notes that children alwayswant endless quantities of it. Mike Teavee chimes in his agreement.When Mr. Teavee tells Mike to shut up, Mr. Wonka thanks him andgoes top top to explain his translate of exactly how real television works.Mike Teavee disagrees through Mr. Wonka, who feigns deafness. WhenMike persists, Mr. Wonka tells him that is a quite boy, but he talkstoo much.

Mr. Wonka imagines spreading coco into every homein the exact same manner that tv is spread. Mike Teavee declaresit impossible, so Mr. Wonka walk a demonstration. Six Oompa-Loompascarry in a bar of chocolate the dimension of a bed. Mr. Wonka explainsthat the cacao has to start big, because, as with real television,the things shrink to fit the screen. He climate calls for action buthalts it to implore Mike Teavee to stand back. Mr. Wonka explainsthe risk of the camera and that the Oompa-Loompas stay spacesuitsto safeguard themselves from the rays. Again Mr. Wonka calls for action,and the cacao bar disappears. Mr. Wonka explains that the istraveling overhead in a million pieces and also rushes anyone overto the television. The coco bar appears on screen and also Mr. Wonkatells the youngsters to take it it. Mike Teavee laughs in ~ Mr. Wonka,saying he cannot take it a snapshot off the a screen. Mr. Wonka thenorders Charlie to take it it and Charlie go so, despite he nearlydrops it out of astonishment. Mr. Wonka tells Charlie come eat thechocolate while Grandpa Joe exclaims his amazement. Mr. Wonka explainshe will usage television coco to advertise his cacao directlyinto people’s homes and hands. Grandpa Joe is astounded.


The moralizing tone persists in these chapters. Mr. Wonkatells everyone not to worry about the various other children due to the fact that everything willwork out. The kids in the story—as well together the reader—must trustMr. Wonka the their punishments space justified and not too many harsh.Mr. Wonka continues moralizing when he talks about television. Hiscontention that tv is no a negative thing when offered in moderationis automatically followed by his disclaimer that youngsters can rarelyaccept moderation. In essence, Mr. Wonka insurance claims that televisionis always bad because that children.

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Charlie and Grandpa Joe space again differentiated from anyone elseduring the elevator ride. Castle love the stunner elevator, and they don’tfall for Mr. Wonka’s joke around someone else maybe using theelevator shaft. In short, they to trust him. The Teavees do not. Mrs. Teaveeis top top the verge of being sick and also Mike Teavee even asks Mr. Wonkato stop the ride. Charlie and Grandpa Joe comport us likeexcellent guests, yet the same cannot be said for the Teavees. Charliefurther separates self from Mike by choose up on little warnings,such as the brewing danger in the tv room. Mike go notcare to an alert this, even after Mr. Wonka describes it come him. Itis clear the he will not heed Mr. Wonka’s warnings to it is in careful,so Mike’s demise becomes straightforward to predict.