Columbia Missouri’s locally owned mobile machine repair shop that you can rely top top every time to get any kind of broken iPhone, cell phone, tablet, or laptop back to new with very same DAY business on many repairs.
Schedule your Mobile maker Repair at Our Shop, or we Can involved You!Choose whether you would prefer to make reservation a time and date at our shop for her repair or if you would like us to come to your location. We serve Columbia & Mid-Missouri (35 mile radius from our shop). We settle iPhones, Samsungs (all Androids), MacBook, iPad, Tablets, video game Consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo.
 Our shop is open 10 come 7pm weekdays and 11 to 6pm ~ above Saturday because that retail, repair, and scheduling on-site repairs. We have actually a technician reserved to be in ~ the shop day of the week 10 come 6pm and 11 to 3pm Saturday. Most retail hours are also covered through a technician in the shop. However, please contact ahead or schedule one appointment through us in advance if you would prefer to a exact same day repair.

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"My endure with Cracked up Mobile to be great. My phone had actually been run over and rained on. The men replaced mine screen and camera, dried the end my phone and it functions great! I also bought a refurbished iPhone for my husband and also they acquired me a good deal. I wold reccomend talk to Mikel about any of her mobile maker needs. Good guys, rapid service, and reasonable prices."
“Cracked increase Mobile was rapid with my repair. They responded to questions exterior of common hours and made proposal that made me happier 보다 I might have imagined in the end. I would recommend them to others who have damaged IPhones, favor I did.”
"With a family and a organization there is always something happening to a cell phone or tablet. Cracked increase Mobile is that we depend on once something is broken! You understand not having actually your cabinet phone deserve to feel favor life or death (especially as soon as you have actually teenagers), so learning we deserve to have the techs at Cracked increase Mobile get us all fixed up quickly and professionally is a life saver!"
"Cracked increase mobile hooked the up... I remained in a pinch and also needed to get my phone solved quick and not spend a ton. Technician (insert name) was super friendly and assured me that he’d acquire it excellent correctly and quickly. I popped under to Tellers, ate lunch and also my phone was done. Fast, friendly, and also cost efficient, couldn’t ask for more.

Our cell phone & iPhoneRepair Services

We buy, sell, trade, customize, and also perform ANY and ALL mobile repairs, iphone phone repairs, tablet, laptop, and game console repairs.
Unsure if your machine is repairable? do you have actually trobule maintaining up with brand-new technology? need software or technical help with her iPhone, smartphone, tablet, video game console, or gadget?

Save Money. Save Time.

Most repair are same day and take 30 minute to one hour come complete. No need to make an appointment. First come first serve in ~ our Elm Street location, drop off your machine and obtain it back like brand-new same day of her repair.

However, if girlfriend would favor a set time and also private appointment, you deserve to schedule a repair in advance at our Broadway location and also we will have your parts ready before your visit.

Contact us now to inquiry a quote or schedule a repair!

We’ve got youcovered through ourParts Warranty

We repair any kind of mobile an equipment regardless that the brand, make, or model with a 90 job on every repairs.

Cracked increase Mobile does no guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty will not be voided and also is no responsible for any type of physical or water damages after a repair is complete. All job is guarantee for 30 days.

What come Expect.

We do overnight bespeak every Monday, which method almost any repair can be completed within 24 hours of contacting us during the week at our 10th & Elm location. Reserved at certain time in ~ our downtown location, or request an On-Site repair.

An upfront payment for parts is compelled for repairs that need parts to be delivered. Labor can be paid for upfront, however labor cost is not due until the fix is complete. Labor can variety from $30 come $200+. Average labor expense for many repairs is in between $50-$120.

How lengthy Does it Take?

Most iphone repairs deserve to be done exact same day. Once we have actually parts and your mobile an equipment in front of us many repairs take less than one hour, sometimes much less than 30 minutes!

Android repairs are typically done following day. We execute our best to keep common android parts in share for same day service, yet in most cases we will should overnight stimulate your component for immediate repairs.

iPad, game Console, Tablet, and also Laptop repairs regularly take a bit longer. However, we do our ideal to gain your device back to you in a timely manner and also its an extremely uncommon to be without your an equipment for more than a week.

For any issues that space not simple to instantly diagnose we fee a $25 disagreement minimum diagnostic fee.
After we diagnose your maker we consult end all options based on finest price and also best interest for our customers.
We perform our finest to keep the most common repair components in share for very same day service. But we can gain parts in overnight!
Once we know whats wrong and what requirements to be done your device will be repaired same day and also backed by our 90/30 job parts and labor warranty.

Availability Is The finest Ability.

We’re located in the love of downtown Columbia, MO. Drop-in for a same day fix at our location on 10th and Elm, or schedule a exclusive appointment in advance. We additionally offer On-Site repairs… an interpretation we pertained to you! acquire your fix with Cracked increase Mobile.


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Would You choose To Schedule her Repair?Would You prefer To Schedule her Repair?No. Ns will protect against by her shop.Yes. Ns would favor to schedule a fix at her shop.*Yes. I would favor to schedule one On-Site repair. <*additional cost>

Scheduling/Additional Information

Location & Hours

904 Elm St #212, Columbia, MO 65201

Monday-Friday: 10am - 7pm

Saturday: 11am - 6pm

Schedule an On-Site or In-Shop Appointment.

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