The Cat In The cap is a slow moving, indoor, dark ride located in archipelago of Adventure’s Seuss Landing. The drive transports guests right into the human being of this famous children’s story created by the well known Dr Seuss.

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Guests will certainly board “couches” as they depart through 18 different sets showcasing the animatronic characters of The Cat In The Hat. Sights follow me the journey include familiar faces such as, The Cat himself, the well-meaning Goldfish, and of course leading to their normal trouble, thing 1 and also Thing 2.

This drive will mainly be entertaining because that younger guests. However, older guest who have actually grown up analysis the functions of Dr. Seuss will additionally enjoy the nostalgic feeling this ride unearths.

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Ride Information

Opening Day: May 28, 1999

Type the Ride: Kid-Friendly activity Simulation

Age Recommendation: All periods (per elevation requirement)

Duration that Ride: 6 Minutes

Typical Wait Time: 30-35 Minutes

Single rider Line: No

Express Pass: Yes

Child Swap: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Ride Photo: No

Ride Restrictions

Wheelchair Restrictions: Guests will must transfer to a hand-operated wheelchair to ride The Cat In The Hat. ECV (electric convenience vehicles) wheelchairs room not permitted.

Height Requirements: 36″(91cm) Minimum. Any riders between 36″ and also 48″(121.9cm) must have a supervising companion.


Nearby Attractions: Caro-Seuss-el & One Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Dining: Circus McGurkus café Stoo-pendus

Shopping: Cats, Hats, & Things

Did friend Know?

Although The Cat In The Hat has been approximately for plenty of years, that wasn’t until 2014 the a minimum height requirement was introduced for the ride.Also in 2014, the ride’s amount of spinning drastically decreased.Dr Seuss never attracted straight present in his illustrations. Likewise, you will certainly not find any straight present in Universal’s Seuss Landing.

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The computer mouse For less Tips

This ride have the right to be an extremely popular, especially during peak season and when family members with young kids visit. If you’re hoping to to win the long lines shot visiting this attraction at an early stage in the day, or towards the later component of the day.While the amount of turn this ride go was recently reduced, it can still make some Guests a small nauseous.