Castlevania: Symphony that the Night is full of lucrative secrets to uncover so here"s a list of my personal favourite ones.

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Keep in mind, glitches and other shenanigans won"t be included here. Also, once you"re done perusing this list, inspect out my height 10 Useless Castlevania secrets for a few bonus Castlevania: Symphony of the Night keys that aren"t featured here!

A tricky snack

I"m certain you picked up some peanuts follow me your castle-trotting quest and probably also used a few only to watch Alucard toss lock in the air. However, you can actually eat castle by positioning Alucard under the tossed snack and also holding up. That should come in handy!

Outsmarting knights is easy

This one is obvious but it provides me laugh every time. In the secret Caverns, you"ll notification a horde the Knights who seem super-annoying to obtain past as they"re strategically placed below a tight room just waiting to jab up in ~ you through their spears. However, if you merely push the wooden box come the best of them into the leaking water spout, their area will fill v water and they"ll scare then drown moments later. Admittedly, it makes me feel type of mean but they were trying to death me so gain the drink, suckers!

And they assumed they to be so clever stationing themselves there...

Final Stage: Bloodlines rewards

In the prologue last Stage: Bloodlines, you manage Richter in his battle versus Dracula. Depending on how you do in this fight, girlfriend can obtain stat boosts and also bonus items because that Alucard. If you completely run out of hearts, he gets a heart Refresh while collecting extra understanding will provide him a neutron Bomb and a Potion will certainly unlock if you beat the boss after Maria renders Richter invincible. Meanwhile, Alucard will receive an early stage stat boost if you success this battle without Maria assisting and also I heard that the stat increase will be better if you win quickly, prevent using sub-weapons, and don"t gain hit. Either way, doing well versus Dracula will certainly pay off, that"s for sure.

Early access elevator

After reaching the Outer wall surface area, you"ll watch a wall that just mist deserve to pass through and loads the Medusa heads that can turn you come stone. So, you may be happy to recognize that you have the right to bypass that barrier by going to the room above behind the Armor Lord, break the lower-left-hand wall, and then standing and also waiting in the empty space. Eventually, a magic elevator will certainly take you come the room below where girlfriend can acquire the awesome Jewel Knuckles and Mirror Cuirass which makes Alucard immune to Stone!

This is a great way come snag the Jewel Knuckles and Mirror Cuirass early!

Cut #1 contains computer system data

Certain version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night have the right to be put in a CD player and once you do, you"ll notice that it functions 2 tracks. Upon play track 2, you"ll listen Alucard say, "As you can see, this is a PlayStation black disc. Reduced number 1 contains computer system data so please, don"t pat it. But, you probably won"t listen to me anyway, will you?" then a nice cool Castlevania dance track will play that isn"t featured in the game. If that"s no a worthwhile secret, i don"t recognize what is.

A buffet fit for a dhampir

It can be suggested that this isn"t have to a secret but it"s something that I gain doing immensely. Basically, once you win the game then acquisition the Duplicator, equip it and also a meal Ticket in every hand. Then, you deserve to mash both strike buttons to spawn an boundless amount of food items the get included to her inventory when built up so you deserve to easily achieve 99 of every food type!

I wish I might summon cheesecake out of thin air...

Alucart it s okay lucky

The shifty Alucart equipment is watch the worst tools in the whole game. However, if you equip the whole collection (Alucart Sword, Alucart Shield, and Alucart Mail), Alucard"s status and name change to "Alucart" and his happy stat it s okay a +30 boost! that should assist with tracking under a couple of of those hard-to-get items drops. If you"re in ~ it, don"t forget come equip a Ring of Arcana and also Lapis Lazuli.

Fairy sings a song

If you"re in the west, this will certainly only job-related with the variation of Symphony of the Night consisted of in The Dracula X Chronicles or Castlevania Requiem together you"ll be able to acquire the Fairy (not Faerie) Familiar. Anyway, level the little lady approximately level 7 climate sit in a chair, wait, and she"ll eventually sing a lovely track titled "Nocturne". If you simply want come hear the track then watch the attached video clip below.

Fairy serenades Alucard in former of eerie environment-friendly candlelight

Sword acquainted grows up

I love the knife Familiar. Not only does it reduced through enemies and also have a cool voice, it in reality matures as you level it up. Once it get level 50, you deserve to actually usage it as a sword and also it"s impressively powerful. Not only that, it alters appearance as a Familiar and also it look at badass. Once you level it up further, it transforms a couple of more times and also becomes fairly a force to be reckoned with.

Master Librarian gets a lift

I"m sure everyone to know this secret by now but it"s so lot fun the it deserves optimal spot. Basically, work-related your means to the room listed below the grasp Librarian then use the heaviness Boots under him to send him flying right into the air. If that"s not cool enough, you"ll knife some remarkable items after repetitively doing it consisting of a Life Max Up, Dracula Tunic, Axe mr Armor, and Ring the Arcana.

That look on master Librarian"s face constantly cracks me up!



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