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Cass ar Recorder Deborah A. Moeller

Deborah A. Moeller was appointed the Cass ar Recorder in 2019.Deb earn a Bachelor the Science level in Paralegal researches at Minnesota State college Moorhead. Prior to her appointment, she operated as a paralegal for 2 local legislation firms and also brings suffer in actual estate transactions and also related laws, task management, and team leadership.

This office is responsible for the following:

record any and all varieties of files which affect title come real home in Cass county ND Recording/Filing power of Attorneys submit Wills for safekeeping Filing edge Monument records Filing funeral Permits

Our Mission

as a land documents office, weare tomaintain a long-term record that all records whichwe document To carry out and preserve a long-term database for residential or commercial property records find To provide quality service and also information come our customers

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Contact Us

County Recorder
Deborah A. Moeller
Cass county Courthouse
211 ninth St. S., Fargo, ND 58103
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(701) 241-5620
(701) 241-5621
Office Hours
Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm
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Portfolio Commissioner

Chad Peterson


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211 9th Street southern Fargo, ND 58103