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Trip Summary

There room 2 daily trains indigenous Carbondale to St Louis. Travel by train from Carbondale come St Louis typically takes approximately 17 hours and also 37 minutes, yet the faster Amtrak train deserve to make the expedition in 16 hours and also 5 minutes.

Distance82 mi (132 km)
Fastest train16h 5m
Lowest price$56.00
Most constant serviceAmtrak
Train lines1

In the critical month, $57.00 was the average price of a train ticket native Carbondale, IL to St Louis, MO. You have the right to expect to find tickets at that price or lower if you publication your trip at least 11 days in advance. Otherwise, suppose to pay around $41.00 much more than the for a same-day booking.

If you desire to score the ideal deal, girlfriend should plan to book your train expedition online on doyourpartparks.org at least 11 days ahead of time. If you carry out that, her train ticket to St Louis native Carbondale will certainly be around $41.00 cheaper compared to what you would certainly pay if you publication at the last minute.

Amtrak is the one and only train line which connects Carbondale, Illinois to St Louis, Missouri. The schedule is relatively minimal as the train just runs double a day.


Amtrak is the biggest passenger railroad company in America, offering daily intercity trains to numerous destinations throughout the contiguous unified States, and several urban in Canada. Every Amtrak train comes equipped with comfortable seats with extra legroom, as well as several four-seat areas with tables in the middle. In addition, each auto has a freshly cleaned restroom, free WiFi and also power outlets at every seat. Over there are additionally snack bars whereby you have the right to purchase drinks or food throughout your journey. ~ above average, there space 2 Amtrak trains native Carbondale to St louis every day, and 2 trips top top the weekends, with prices starting from $56.

Our train partners have applied several different policies to save you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. From limiting vehicle capacity to improving cleaning protocols and also upgrading waiting filters, train carriers room committed to maintaining a safe environment. Because that details on what each company is doing come ensure their fleet continues to be safe for travel, click here.

In addition, federal law requires every train passengers to undertake a face covering for the whole duration of the trip. You re welcome make certain you are wearing a confront mask or you might not be enabled to plank the train.

please visit our COVID-19 Travel overview for much more information on every carrier policies and also the latest travel advisories approve by every U.S. State, Canadian province, and also European country.

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The distance in between Carbondale and also St louis is about 82 miles, or 132 kilometers. The typical train journey between these 2 cities take away 17 hours and 37 minutes, return the pure fastest you can get over there is 16 hours and also 5 minutes.

in search of ways to pass the time? many trains are equipped with Wi-Fi, which way you can stream music, browse society media or acquire some occupational done throughout your ride. The said, in instance your train has a spotty signal, or is amongst the couple of without Wi-Fi, we also recommend downloading and install TV shows and also movies to her mobile maker in advance of her trip. That means the ride will fly by everything the Wi-Fi situation.