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Indiana"s just Holocaust Museum

In 1995, Eva Mozes Kor opened the candle Holocaust Museum and also Education center in Terre Haute, with a mission to stop prejudice and hatred v education about the Holocaust. Thousands of people, including countless school groups, have visited CANDLES due to the fact that it opened. In 2003, the museum was destroyed by a hate-filled arsonist. Eva vowed to rebuild, and with the assist of a generosity public outpouring of support, the museum was rebuilt and reopened in 2005. Candles is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Current Visitor Hours 

The museum is right now open every Thursday, Friday, and also Saturday indigenous 10:00 am until 4:00 afternoon EST.

 * Private team visits are easily accessible Monday - Wednesday native 10:00 to be to 4:00 pm EST. Visits need to be scheduled 7-14 job in breakthrough of preferred visit date, and also a minimum that 15 guests is required. 


General admission: $7.00 every person

Group price (10 or more guests with a reservation made 48 hours prior come visit): $5.00

Any students through ID: $5:00

ISU students through ID, kids age 6 and also under, veterans: complimentary admission


* Museum product is appropriate for center school ages and up.We execute not introduce bringing youngsters under the age of six (6) years old.

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CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education facility requires ALL individuals come wear masks when visiting the museum. society distancing is likewise utilized when feasible and extremely encouraged. CANDLES will remain in accordance through CDC guidelines. For an ext information, please contact us in ~ 812.234.7881 or info