My question currently is if ns go out of the Kingdom to any kind of other country, will certainly my iPhone get locked? will certainly my FaceTime stop working even if I"m associated to the internet?

Will I need to have a jailbreak?



I attempted to fix this trouble with this troubleshooting steps:

Open setups -> FaceTime. Go into an ID and login. In the same dialog toggle FaceTime off and then on.Open settings -> Messages. Enter an ID and login. In the exact same dialog toggle message off and also then on.

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I have resolved my trouble activating Messages yet FaceTime proceeds to wait for activation. I think that FaceTime might be wait for an SMS in order to verify the mobile number. Mine mobile number reflects a busy symbol in its settings dialog.


When her iPhone is activated, you can use FaceTime as soon as you are associated to internet. Save in mind that your iPhone could be simlocked by her provider, and also that your iPhone maybe won"t work-related in other countries, check out this connect to discover if her iPhone is sustained in the country you desire to visit.

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As I know if your phone can connect to web you have the right to use facetime. No matter your center card is data or cellular, or even you don"t have SIM card, you have the right to use facetime as lengthy as your maker can connect to Internet.


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