You have recently began working out and getting serious about your fitness. But just ~ the first couple of sessions, friend develop really sore biceps and can’t straighten arm?

You room not alone. This is an endure shared amongst not just beginners but even experienced athletes.

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It can really put a damper on her workout trip if friend are new to it, however most world who occupational out commonly are supplied to it. They have actually even pertained to anticipate it and avoid it.

If you have actually sore biceps and can’t straighten arm after a workout, you room experiencing delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It is additionally known together DOMS.

DOMS occurs as soon as you put your muscles through activities that it is not provided to. That is your muscles’ means of adapting to these new and typically sudden motions that you make once working out.



The truth that soreness is no just limited to a special team of people, but pretty lot everyone energetic is proof the it is a great sign that muscle growth.

Bicep pains when extending the eight is not minimal to a couple of people, therefore if you have actually that, rest assured that it is normal.

Scientifically speaking, muscle expansion does not take place in a vacuum. When you work out, your bicep muscle yarn undergo tiny tears and also strains.

This is just how they adapt to the brand-new status quo (which, in this case, is her workout).

 While you might not feeling this pain throughout or instantly after a workout, you might find that you have sore arms and also can’t straighten arm the next day.

This is a sign of muscle growth and also strengthening. Together the micro-tears heal, her muscles grow ago stronger.

As you continue with your fitness regime, the pain will not be as intense as as soon as you were start because currently your muscle are supplied to being stretched.


There are numerous quick publication if friend suddenly find that you cannot straighten your arm at the elbow.


Ice is the go-to remedy for any kind of sort of soreness, and sore biceps aren’t an exception. That will alleviate inflammation in her biceps.


When you use to a main point area, the blood circulation to the painful point out increases. The oxygen it is provided to the ill area will certainly increase and also make things much better. It also rids the location of the chemicals that reason soreness.


Massage will increase blood circulation to her biceps and also give girlfriend relief indigenous pain. If the pains isn’t the bad, you deserve to lightly massage your biceps through your fingers v some irradiate movements.

However, if you have actually really ill biceps and can’t straighten arm, have actually someone else massage her biceps. You can even schedule a massage session in ~ your neighborhood spa if the is that serious.


Sore biceps have the right to be therefore frustrating, specifically when you can not even achieve the simplest jobs like pouring your coffee.

If ice isn’t working rapid enough and you cannot schedule a massage immediately, over-the-counter pain meds will offer you relief until the pains passes.

Anti-inflammatory meds will also help you feel much better fast.


Being in so much pain, you might want just to sit down all day and not relocate your painful biceps as little as possible.

Do no think in that direction. Task is an excellent to increase blood circulation. You deserve to go because that a fast walk, stretch, yet don’t sit around. Take care not to job-related your muscle too hard either.


If you have actually sore biceps and also can’t straighten arm, the ideal thing you deserve to do is wait because that it to subside. Do it much better with the muscle recovery methods provided above but to protect against a repeat that the soreness, try these tips.


Stretching is the ideal antidote for muscle soreness, yet most human being do not realize this. 

If you room just beginning to work out on your own, you might go directly into hefty lifting and cardio without a warm-up. This create a perfect platform for sore biceps. 

So stretch prior to you begin any kind of workout, and stretch both her arms after a workout.

 Try to stretch out your arms totally a tiny at a time when rubbing at the sore spots till you can completely stretch the out.

TAKE numerous WATER

According to a little study, dehydration will make soreness much worse. Make certain to continue to be hydrated at all times. More so, as muscles tear, they relax chemicals that contribute to soreness. 

These chemicals will certainly pile increase if there isn’t enough water to wash them away. 


To prevent future incidents of sick biceps, begin your practice easy. Except stretching, begin with simple exercises like jogging.

 Also, execute not end up an extreme session and also leave off prefer that. End up your session v a simple, be safe exercise prior to you call it a day.


There is a huge difference in between DOM and also pain indigenous overtraining. If you have actually sore biceps and also can’t large arm, and also this goes on because that days there is no waning, it might be the you are overtraining.

Most world get so excited they start the training with so lot energy and also just don’t know what come stop. 

When castle then suffer pain, you could assume that it is something severe. And also that possibly you were not cut out for functioning out.

Take points easy, especially in the beginning, and also only do what your body is comfortable with.


There is nothing wrong with providing your human body time to recover. If girlfriend are right into high-intensity workouts, best alternating between days rather of doing them every solitary day. 

As you rest, you might do really light movements to store things moving, for this reason you carry out not have to start from scrape the next time friend train.

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Do every little thing to ensure her biceps recover however by no method stop functioning out. True, the pain deserve to be really frustrating, and you can even it is in tempted to quit working out altogether. 

It gets better with time. If you take it time off practice totally, you will certainly be earlier to the same problem the next time you begin working out. 

Try the rapid relief methods to quell the pain, and keep pushing with the first few days. It it s okay better. Once you feel offered to the rhythm, try to cross-train so your muscle development does no plateau.

If you perform one monotonous practice all the time, her muscles will prosper used come it, and there will certainly be a smaller growth margin. So, diversify her workouts.