Feeding your guinea pig vegetable is one method that you have the right to supplement the vitamins and also minerals that they need.

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You simply need come make sure that girlfriend are selecting the best ones. You desire ones that space high in vitamin C and also low in sugar. Room sweet potatoes on the list of vegetables to eat? read on and find out.

Is a Sweet Potato good For your Guinea Pig

You have to know just what a sweet potato is due to the fact that a guinea pig have to not be fed a constant potato in ~ all. The reason is the a consistent potato is toxicity to a guinea pig. In enhancement to a sweet potato, there are likewise yams. Both the these can be fed to her guinea pig in addition to the pipeline of a sweet potato. Make certain that you are offering your guinea pig the right kind of potato.

Nutritional Value

Although castle are referred to as sweet potatoes, they are low in sugar and do contain plenty of important vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that you guinea pig needs.

High in vitamin C—a cup that sweet potato includes 3.2 mg of vitamin C. Guinea pigs need 25-40 mg of vitamin C each day so as soon as you mix it with other vegetables, that will aid them to reach that goal. Castle cannot create it us so the is approximately the owner to make certain they obtain enough. It is important for their general health and also immune system.Potassium—there is 448 mg in a cup of sweet potato, i beg your pardon is high as soon as comparing that to few of the various other vegetables you can feed her guinea pig. Potassium is great for their heart and blood pressure. It helps to lower blood pressure.Low in sodium—sodium, or salt, is a negative when it involves heart health and also will raise their blood pressure. There is just 77mg every cup, however it is no the lowest sodium food because that guinea pigs. As soon as you look at the amount of potassium and also sodium¸ you have to only see hopeful results from this vegetable.Improve vision—this is is partially as result of the vitamin C contents but likewise the vitamin E in a sweet potato. These two vitamins will help your guinea pig save its good vision. There is additionally beta carotene the will assist correct any vitamin A deficiencies and help restore visionProtects versus cancer—yes, guinea pigs can acquire cancer for this reason you want to make certain that you space feeding castle vegetables that assist to defend them against it. Sweet potato has some beta carotene that can protect versus cancer. Feeding lock sweet potato can assist your guinea pig come live a long cancer-free life.Fiber—at 4 grams per cup, it helps through digestion and gives energy throughout the dayEliminates cost-free radicals—these room the product of metabolism and also can have dire consequences for a guinea pig if they space not tackled right. They can lead to cell damages that can influence the wellness of your pet. The antioxidant in a sweet potato aid to remove these free radicals and protect her guinea pig indigenous harm.Helps to boost their neurological health—eating a sweet potato can help increase their brain functionHelps to alleviate or protect against inflammationAids in digestion—a guinea pig digestive device is not reliable naturally so they will need assistance from the food lock eat. The fiber in a sweet potato helps through this problem.

This is why you must make certain that they room eating them in moderation. Trying providing your guinea pig much more foods lower in sugar choose Romaine lettuce or Zucchini. Too lot sugar have the right to make them become overweight and also develop health problems.

A sweet potato additionally has high levels of starch and also oxalates, which room not an excellent for her guinea pig. The is why you should not feed them a sweet potato every day.

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Any vegetable v sugar in it should be spend in moderation to avoid your guinea pig from becoming obese, including sweet potato. A guinea pig is fragile when it comes to sugar.Some guinea pigs are allergic to sweet potatoes so you must watch castle the an initial time you feeding them a piece.It is one of the best vegetables for your digestive system.Mix the with other vegetables to give them a variety of treats come eat.