Most beginner players fear knights as they are known to be very tricky pieces. They can jump over other pieces like a real horse would and create deadly forks between two or more pieces.

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They can sometimes be referred to as the horse, squid, octopus, jumpers or neons. Whatever you may call them, knights are fearsome creatures and should be respected at all times. This characteristic make the knight indeed powerful.

Speaking of powerful, the queen is in fact the most powerful piece on the chess board because she governs a total of 28 squares from the center of the board. We’ve heard how powerful the queen can be and how she is able to move up and down like a rook and even diagonally like a bishop. This makes us wonder can a queen move like a knight?

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Comparing The Queen And The Knight

Can A Queen Move Like A Knight

The Queen can NOT move like a knight despite her being the most powerful piece. The knight is the most unique piece as it moves three squares in total, two squares in one direction, and then one more box at a right angle.

The queen however can move like a bishop, rook, king and even pawn (the queen cannot en passant).

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How Does The Queen Move

The queen moves in any direction in any number of squares in a straight line. This means it can move up, down, sideways and diagonally.


Comparing The Queen And The Knight

Moves in L shape directionMove in any direction in any number of squares in a straight line
Can capture any piece except for the kingCan capture any piece except for the king
Has a special moveHas no special move
2nd least powerful pieceMost powerful piece
Losing a knight is badLosing a queen is critical
Very tactical pieceTactical piece
Can fork 2 or more piecesCan fork two or more pieces